Galveston At A Different Perspective…


I have joined a new group called “Foto Friends” here in Houston and they are such a delight!

It is always so much fun to be with like minded ladies, who share your passion.

We decided to go on a photo tour of Galveston, and try to capture interesting elements at a different perspective.

In the image above, you will see the men working on the sails of the ship named Elissa. I talked about her in a post a couple of years ago, click here.

This was when we were just visiting “Little Man” and did this as a side trip. Never dreaming I would move here someday!

Can you believe how small “Little Man” is in this post? You must take a look!


Foto Friends standing at the dock of the bay.


I have to admit….this capture was probably my favorite! I look forward to adding this to my gallery.


Not everyday, do you see very worn ballet shoes hanging over the wire of an alley. Major loveโ™ฅ


The friends just went wild over the story of this fountain and its history!

In 1898, the estate of Swiss-born Galveston banker and philanthropist Henry Rosenberg commissioned public fountains to supply water for thirsty people, horses, dogs, and cats. Rosenberg’s will specified “not less than ten drinking fountains for man and beast,” but the bequest proved large enough to fund seventeen.

Each bore a different, often classical, design by J. Massey Rhind and was crafted of light gray granite. Seven fountains remain of the original seventeen.

Here is one of them. At the bottom of these fountains, he would create a small basin for the dogs and cats…so sweet.

Second image, I want to grab a photo of my friend Maggie and myself through the window.




One of the few newer sculptures built in the city.

For me…what I loved the most…Galveston has a wonderful and colorful history that in many ways has been preserved in the architecture of the stately and ornate buildings throughout the area.

Isn’t it fun to take an adventure and find something new?


45 thoughts on “Galveston At A Different Perspective…

  1. Dear Laurie

    So sorry to take so long connecting with you. We have been busy finishing up master bath and daughter and significant other we’re here for a week. The time just flies, as you know. I cannot believe all that you are doing, but of course, not surprised.

    We are loving all your travels and the one to Galveston is great. You look wonderful. Your hair looks longer. The family pics are precious and Little Man is just the best. He is always smiling and doing – guess who he takes after? Cannot believe he is 3 years already. How are the Mommies doing? They look very healthy in the photos you sent. Bet you are getting ready for Christmas and new Grand Babies. Don’t break the credit card. LOL :-). Can’t wait to see how you juggle 3 grandchildren – plus your many activities. You will do it!!!!

    We still play Mah Jongg on Fri afternoon. We have 8 to 9. We are instructed to use the Activity Center during season. It is fine – have to skip our cocktail, but that is OK too. Cannot forget the problem we had that one day with the witch giving you a hard time. We usually have a glass of wine in the evening anyway. We still miss your bubbley personalty. How is your MJ going?

    Have gotten Jack out on the golf course for 9 hole couples. It is a scramble anyway and he is doing well. Our weather has been great. Less humidity than in the summer, as you know.

    Well, our Patriots play tonight 8:20. So we will be here cheering them on.

    Have a fabulous week. Missing you as always.

    Hugs Bev Sent from my iPad


  2. Love all the details… especially those door knobs! When my parents and I moved to Houston a million years ago we had never lived that far from the ocean before so every weekend we had to jump in the car and drive the 50 miles to Galveston. I remember the day of the jellyfish invasion! I’ll look forward to more posts about the Houston area.

  3. Perfect timing. Thanks for sharing the lovely images. We just arrived in Galveston 2 days ago and I can’t wait to explore the historic downtown. Now if only this weather would move on ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I love that you’ve found a group to explore and take photos with. How fun! The different perspectives and angles made for a great series of shots, Laurie.
    The ships in the older post are great, too, and yes! Little Man has surely grown!

  5. What a great idea! I wonder if there is such a group in the Phoenix area? I’ll have to check that out when we get there for the winter! Of course, it better be co-ed, or my wife might have something to say about me joining a ladies group. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Seventeen fountains .. wow .. they would make a great post all on their own Laurie .
    Nice to see you and your new group having fun … I foresee more posts like this ๐Ÿ™‚
    Very theatrical ballet shoes – love them !

  7. That is so awesome!! If I lived there I would join your group too!!! I love the history behind the fountains!! “Poor balet slippers” tee Hee!! Have a wonderful rest of your week!! Hugz Lisa and Bear

  8. Cool glimpses of Galvestone, this is the same city that had suffered from the hurricanes, it is amazing how some places flourish again and again. I am from Warsaw, the city was ravaged by the hurricanes of human aggression known as wars. And it always returned. But some places never do. Beautiful set of your views of Galveston. Wanda

  9. Galveston sure looks like a interesting place to visit. Glad you found friends that share your love photography. My favorites were the door knobs. Thanks for a glimpse into Galveston.

  10. Great pictures, Laurie. You seem to be really enjoying life in Texas!!! I forgot to tell you Suzy ran the NEW YORK MARATHON a week ago, first time. She did it under 5 hours!!! We are so proud of her. She ran for my sister’s granddaughter, who has leukemia. I’ll try and send a picture. Love, Annie

    Sent from my iPad

  11. Isn’t it the best to gather with a group of like-minded individuals? And I thought I recognized The Strand and the dock long before I got to the street sign. The FOL group had a wonderful day there together last week. Fun post!

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