Make A Wish…


Our little man blowing out his 3rd birthday candle and making his wish!

I had posted this on Facebook, but I realized a lot of you would of not seen this.

It was just too cute to pass up and not post.

He loves his baseball immensely, so I know his wish is always about the love of the sport.

Can you see how he fell into the cake, as he leaned over to blow out his candle?

You should of seen the white shirt afterwards…hilarious.

So what would be your wish today if it was YOUR birthday?






34 thoughts on “Make A Wish…

  1. What a priceless shot! LOL He is so cute, and growing up so quickly! I’d be wishing for a new laptop that isn’t so old that the cool photography manipulation would work on it. It keeps telling me that mine is too old… LOL

  2. Where’s the one with blue icing all round his face and holding up sticky fingers Laurie πŸ˜‰
    Happy Birthday to Little Man !

  3. This photo will indeed be a family classic. So fun! And shirts wash. Chances are he’ll outgrow the shirt in a month anyhow. Can you believe he’s already 3?

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