Strawberry Fields Forever…


We had one glorious week with our whole family together! (Minus my youngest son-in-law.)

To have ALL four grandchildren together under one roof, was just delightful to say the least.

They were here for 8 days and they were filled to the max. Let’s just say, Grammie was very tired by the end of the week. Smile…

I thought today, I would share our FIRST strawberry picking adventure with the grand babies . They got right into the spirit immediately!

Matter of fact, you can see in the photo above, where they were being shown how to pick a berry and both racing to get to it first.

There MIGHT of been a little more eating, than picking with the two year olds. Smile…

But, Little Man was fierce…he picked like a pro!!

As for other areas in our life…

Facebook, we take a trip to the zoo with the grands.

Instagram, you can see Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons Concert and our NEW grand baby Noelle…is she ever getting big!

Are you taking time for your family and friends? I sure hope this summer you will make it a priority! Life is short…take the trip with them.


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