The Awesome Ponder Mystery Of Love…


Hello, my friends!

It’s been awhile…I apologize for that.

My mind has been else where.

I just returned home from a funeral of a really good friend of mine, who’s husband has passed away.

There is NOTHING, and I mean nothing that puts life back into perspective like a memorial service.

I watched over the last few years, this friend give of herself, like I have never seen before.

20 years!…Unselfishly taking care of her very sick husband who had Huntington’s Disease.

If you know anything about this disease, you know it is an AWEFUL path in life to ride.

By the time I meant this beautiful lady, her husband Frank had lost most of his facilities.

You would never know it by her love, attention and devotion.

She would sit by his side for hours at end…EVERYDAY FOR YEARS!

The smile never left her face…looking at him adoringly, patiently and merciful!


It would make me feel very small at times.

How could I ever gripe, complain or let’s just be real…BITCH about my life…EVER?

If the shoe was reversed, could I or would I do the same thing?

Could I give and give without ceasing?

There is a part of me, that doesn’t think I would be strong enough…

but, you never know until you are put to the test.


It did make me ponder about the “Mystery of Love”…the vastness of it’s power!


Maritere, this is for you my friend.

May GOD in his infinity mercy…lay many crowns upon your head, one day!


Friends, remember you are loved…


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