WHAT!!…18 Months Already?


Ladies and Gentleman…Yes, it is true! Little Miss has turned a year and a half!

When I am talking to my friends and showing them her pictures, they just gasp!

How did this happen, they replied? WHAT? 18 months ALREADY?!

We released her to Pre-School a few months ago, and look what they have done to her!

She has become a toddler and no more a baby…sigh.


She has even found her mommy instincts already….



I miss her every moment of the day!

My head tells me, that it is good for her not to be the center of the world, every moment with Grammie…

But… my heart is sad at times.



He is giving us the thumbs up that it is football season.


Look, at the resemblance between the two of them.


Just like that…Little Miss is tired.



Oh, Wait…she has one more move to show.

Our Little Miss…the Big Ham of the Family!!

Let’s just hope she out grows this maneuver, when she gets older!…Smile.

Thank You for all the very kind comments on adjusting my sails journey post!

A lot of you asked for this to continue in my future posts. I hope this will be of some encouragement to you.

Adjusting YOUR Sails…

  • I have found that the body goes through a BIG withdraw from eating, too many starches and fats! It WILL stop!
    But, YOU have to just get through it. Literally, I was in bed for three days! Not feeling good. This is normal.
    IT is called DETOX.
  • Obesity, look at it as a chronic disease! Diseases will not heal and will come back if not treated properly. Your blood
    pressure will go up, sugar goes up and on and on it goes. I have had several discussions with my doctor on this issue!
    They wanted to put me on all kinds of medications. Finally, I realized okay…enough is enough. I am now ready to be serious.
  • REWARD YOURSELF! The minute I lost 10 pounds, I went out and bought a few new tops. IT doesn’t matter, that these
    new shirts might be too big for the future. What matters, getting you to the GOAL LINE! DO what it takes, to make your
    self feel better. Once, you start seeing a little glimmer of a better you, it becomes easier!! This is a crucial step to
    the journey!
  • Fall is here. YEA! Go out and buy a few pair of leggings. As the weight starts to come off, the leggings will adjust to
    your body, more than a pair of jeans or slacks would. This has really helped me, not feeling so helpless with my wardrobe.

As of this post, I am down 22 pounds since June. Not as fast as I was hoping, but this is just part of the journey. There will be ups and downs.

I love you all, for being here through the thick and thin and sometimes not so frequent journey of this blog.

Stay tuned…Happy Fall Y’All!


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