30 Weeks & Counting…


Well, “Our” baby is 30 weeks and counting, only 10 more to go!

We flew up to Indianapolis to go to her baby shower and see their new home they built.


This is one of my favorite photos of the baby shower. She was just tickled pink with this stuffed animal.

It will be adorable in the babies nursery.

Here is the one thing you must know!

The baby shower was a duo-shower.

Both girls are named Ashley Nicole, both have the same birthday and their husbands are best friends on top of it.

How crazy is that?

If you would like to see the baby shower images…you can join my Facebook page down below and enjoy the show!


Here is the HAPPY mama-to-be, hugging the papa-to-be after the shower.

Can you see all the gifts behind them?

Aaah, a sweet new life is coming soon.

Stay tuned….



36 thoughts on “30 Weeks & Counting…

  1. How exciting! This post brought to mind the baby shower we had in April. And now I’m going to her baptism in 2 weeks time. Time flies when we grannies have fun! Blessings

  2. Congratulations! Mother and father make a lovely couple. The baby will be very lucky. Grandchildren are wonderful! I only have one but that is enough for me. That is a great picture of her with the stuffed animal.

  3. Bev and Jack Richards
    Your family is beautiful inside and out. Congratulations and best of health to all of you. Will not be long now!!

  4. What a darling couple. The baby will be beautiful!!! Grandma must be soooo excited!!! Happy Thanksgiving! Love, Annie

    Sent from my iPad

  5. Your daughter is beautiful! I love all of the photographs, especially the one of the two of them together! Pure happiness! Oh no, another grand baby to spoil for you! Hey, how is Tarzan?

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