Sharing My Hair Loss Story || Bonus…The Grands!

I share my story of my hair loss that was caused by menopause and stress and how I REVERSED the effects!

I hope you will join me! Click on the image above.

In family news…LOOK at how big BABY NOELLE is getting!!

She is sitting up already and cute as can be!!

This Grammie, MUST get up there to see her, before she starts walking…SIGH!

Noelle’s big sister…Ahnalise! Gorgeous little girl and also growing like a weed!

On the other side of the family, Marisa got to stay with us for a WHOLE WEEK!

While, Mommy, Daddy and Little Man went to San Diego!

We had the time of our lives with this precious girl.

This was our first day of taking her to Pre-School while she was in our care.

Look at this sad face!! I turn around while I was at the stop light, and this is what I see. She found a pacifier and put on her sunglasses! Smile…

The parents asked that I keep their routine, while they were gone. It was very hard to leave her at Pre-School but,Grammie tried to be strong.

One day, we took her to the Children’s Museum and we had a great time learning and exploring!

Every night, Papaw would read books to her before bedtime. SHE LOVED this!! She has Papaw wrapped right around her fingers.

In the meantime, Little Man was flying the plane to San Diego, CA!! How cute is this?!!! I can’t even stand it!

Okay, there might of been a flight delay, and the pilot had him come up and join him. LOL.

I will leave you with this cover art I designed for the last book I read for our book club.

The book is called Lilac Girls and you must read it!! PHENOMENAL my friends!! I couldn’t put it down! One of my top reads ever!

It is beautifully written, terribly sad, and based on real events that took place during WWII. Martha Kelly’sΒ story is centered around three very different women with three very different situations during WWII. It weaves the story of women from Poland, the U.S. and Germany during WWII.

I strongly encourage every reader with any interest in: Historical Fiction, WWII, or in better understanding humanity to read Lilac Girls. I think that this one will stay with me forever.

You can click here to check it out for yourself!

Hope everyone is doing well!


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29 thoughts on “Sharing My Hair Loss Story || Bonus…The Grands!

  1. That was a very sweet ride with you, Laurie. Your Grandkids are surely very lucky to have you and Papaw to help them on their journey.
    And the images are all delightful. πŸ™‚

  2. Grandma is having a grand time. Great to see the little man getting a chance to sit upfront. Doesn’t happen too often.
    BTW, I like your new Gravatar image. For a moment, I had to figure out who it was. πŸ™‚

  3. My goodness, Lauries, the Grandkids are getting so big!!
    I just love the photograph of Little Man in the pilot’s seat. What a great experience for him, and I’m sure that it made the delay, a delight.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Your video is great … and you look terrific! Noone would ever imagine you suffered from hair loss – your hair always looks mahvelous! Now for those grands …. amazing how big they’re getting! Glad to see you get so many opportunities to create such beautiful family memories!

  5. I don’t have much time for reading fiction these days, but I do love historical fiction and stories about WWll – this sounds like one I need to read! Those babies are all so cute! How fun to take them to the children’s museum.

  6. Your grand babies are so cute! They do grow so fast! Your hair is way too beautiful to lose! I will read your story in a few! I ordered that book Lilac Girls from Barnes and Noble on your recommendation! After I finish a book that I have borrowed from a friend I will read that next! Have a wonderful weekend sweetie! Hugz from Lisa and Lil’ Lucy

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