Stress Relief || During Hurricane Harvey!!

Hello Friends!

It has been EXTREMELY TOUGH here the last 6 days here in Houston, TX and the surrounding communities!

You certainly have heard and seen the footage and photos that have come from Houston & the Texas Gulf Coast what Hurricane Harvey has done!

It is truly devastating to witness this first hand, words can’t describe the devastation that has taken place here.

Everything this hurricane has touched as been damaged in some way. It parked itself inland and spun around for days, flooding this region!

All the water that flows into the north will fall back down into the south, as it swells our bayous, rivers and lakes.

We are experiencing record flooding now from the swelling of all these waterways.

We have seen entire communities that have never taken in water before, totally ruined!

There are ways you can help, I will provide a few links below for you to be able to make a contribution, if you feel so compelled.

I am praying you will feel compelled to give of your heart and pocketbook to these great organizations!!

I heard from one of newscasters here in Houston,of two analogy’s of how much rain we have received!

There has been enough rain to COVER ALL 48 STATES IN THE U.S. 

There has been enough rain to flow over Niagara Falls for TWO WEEKS MY FRIENDS!

This is what my community will have to deal with for weeks, maybe even years to come!

My husband is in the construction industry and has been able to go back to work yesterday.

His company is going to work VERY hard to rebuild and get people back into homes as soon as possible!

I probably won’t see much of him in the near future, but that is okay…we all need to do our part.

How You Can Help Houston & The Texas Coast….

American Red Cross –
Salvation Army –
Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund –
United Way of Greater Houston –
Houston Food Bank –

In the video above, I share what I did during the storm, to help the severe stress that was building up inside of me.

You will find a humorous story of me and a policeman at Walgreens during the storm, you don’t want to miss it. Smile…click on the photo!

Thank you for being here!

God Bless You,


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35 thoughts on “Stress Relief || During Hurricane Harvey!!

  1. We in Florida are still recovering from Irma, but it is nothing compared to the daunting task of rebuilding the communities in Houston. I am just back to blogging after two personal losses this summer and my prayers are with all of you.

      • Just glad you and yours are safe. I’ve been watching your videos! I got a set of those sheets from Amazon that you talked about. I’m sorry to say that I learned that apparently I’m not a fan of microfiber so they’re going back. But that’s okay! Anyway, your videos are such fun and informational! Keep up the good work! 😀

  2. It’s truly heartbreaking to see the images of everyone who felt the worst of Harvey. The storm is bad enough, but the aftermath and cleanup is so tough. I’m grateful you and my family and other friends who still live there weren’t affected, except for a cousin in Orange and a friend in La Porte.

  3. So wonderful that in spite of all the tragedy and trauma surrounding you, that you can communicate with us, and let us know the human side of the dreadful reports and pictures that we see. I greatly admire you for staying strong and being able to share it with the rest of the world. And we are a village, these days, so we do care about the pllght that you all, people and animals are in. . Thinking of you, and sending love and prayers across the world.

    • Yes, unfortunately we were in the path of this flooding monster here in Houston, TX. We are safe and making repairs to our home. We were one of the lucky ones to be spared, and still have a home to come home. Thank you for being here, so appreciate it. XO Laurie

  4. We had a tough time during 2015 in my little area of Oz; there was a flood; but, in comparison to what we are seeing out of Texas it was a mere trickle! Sending my thoughts to you and all. Here’s hoping your hubby doesn’t ‘overdo’ his good works. Good men can sometimes do a little too much! Stay safe.

  5. My prayers go out to everyone effected by hurricane Harvey. Having spent the past four winters RVing in Rockport and along the Texas Gulf Coast, I feel brokenhearted. Our RV park has been totaled and a couple of our friends have lost everything 😪 So very sad. Hopefully I can do my part in some small way.

  6. Glad to know you came through this fine. I had wondered since you mentioned in another post about living in the Houston area. Another option versus Vitamin C is Elderberry. It comes as a syrup or in caplet form. It similarly stimulates the immune system. Stay with maintenance dose, good chance you won’t catch a cold or the flu.

    Stay well. 🙂

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