We Are FINALLY to Cabbage Key!…


We never finished our little excursion to Cabbage Key! So lets go back shall we…and see what we can find on this quaint island.

After landing on this small island resort, you are led from the docks to the Cabbage Key Inn/Restaurant. A funky place, so let’s take a look inside…


Located in the Old House, the “Open-Air” restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner 365 days a year.

The main room is nestled among live Cuban laurels dripping with moss. Previous visitors have taped thousands of one-dollar bills to every surface. You can ask your server for a black marker and tape to add yours to the collection. So fun!

The front room is the old porch with a view of the marina and sound. As you look around you see antique fishing gear, classic Cabbage Key photographs and replicas of tarpon, snook and other game fish that make the Florida waters world famous.

Known by many as “the bar with all the money on the walls”, the Cabbage Key bar has been serving up drinks to boaters for over 60 years. With active fire places, original hardwood floors and Cypress walls, the bar and the formal dinning room make up the other two dining locations.


What we loved about this setting, the charming slice of Old World Style Florida…the way it used to be. You basically step back in time.


After a great lunch, we walked the nature trail and viewed the wildlife the way nature intended. As you explore the island you’ll discover the natural beauty of years ago.



The Water Tower…we climbed up to the top for some great views of mother nature.



We were making our way back to catch our boat back to the mainland, and this is what I spotted. An otter getting into one of the fishing boat’s live bait well. What a little stinker! This was so fun catching him red-handed. He caused quite a stir with the fishermen after I captured this photo. Let’s just say, they weren’t too happy with him…smile.


Oh, another cute furry friend…but this one is so much sweeter. Isn’t he just beautiful?!  He is waiting for mommy and daddy to get done eating at the restaurant.


Saying our goodbye…to Cabbage Key Island…as we pull out of the dock.

I hope you enjoyed our destination today. It was a little sensory delight for us.

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67 thoughts on “We Are FINALLY to Cabbage Key!…

  1. We’ve been to Cabbage Key many times and have enjoyed it very much. Our friend has a boat and has been kind to invite us for a boat ride each and every time he and his wife go. It’s the perfect day trip.
    Nice post and photo’s …..

  2. Looks like such a beautiful place to visit. Amazing photos. Makes me want to drop everything and head there now. How cool to have an eatery with signed $1 bills all over the walls. Never seen anything like it.

  3. I noticed on the map that there is a label for Part Island – what is the other part?
    Wonderful post!! Beautiful images!! Especially of the otter (well, why should he work when the fishermen want to feed him?) and the golden!!!

  4. What a great name for a place and wow those walls of that restaurant look like they are actually worth quite a bit of money now


  5. Your photographs really make me feel I’m there Laurie .
    That little Otter looked like he’d done that trick before !
    Glad you enjoyed 🙂

  6. Great tip, but I can only post once a week since I work full time with a long commute to NYC. Blogging is just a hobby. I don’t stop following bloggers if they post infrequently, as long as I’m still interested in their blog. But if I feel that we’re not “connecting” and they’re not returning visits, then I stop following them. Some people follow you just so you can follow them back–then you never hear from them again–I hate that. Sorry for the rant–your tip got me thinking. 🙂 Great photos!

    • I am so glad you responded to the tip. It is an important issue to me too and I agree…it can’t be all one sided. I don’t think it is important how many times just as long as your community, knows what to expect from you and aren’t left hanging. Blessings.

  7. I LOVE this island as well as Useppa …. never get tired of the magnificient views and distinctive flavor each has to offer!

  8. Thank you for taking me along on your trip. : ) It’s raining here in New England so this was perfect for a rainy morning!!! I always enjoy the boat rides to Cabbage Keys!!

  9. Really beautiful and unique. Looks like you’re having the time of your life. I’ve loved otters ever since I read ‘Ring of Bright Water’ in grade 5. Clever little rascal, he’s eating out too. 😀

  10. That otter was great! Smart guy…. why should I scavenge for food when you’ve put it in a nice little picnic basket for me! Reminds me of the duck that wandered in to a restaurant yesterday for a little breakfast…. Fabulous!

  11. So what happens to the dollar bills when they get so thick they start pulling the walls down? 😉 The otter is so busted! Lock those live wells down!

  12. Wonderful wonderful series of photos I especially love the one with the Otter hehe.. Thanks for sharing (found you on Lorikarts Orange Monday)

  13. It is amazing what you can find when you bring your camera along with you everywhere you go! I can’t believe that Otter is opening up that cabinet with his nose! That dog was adorable too! Loved his peace bandanna! Outings like this can always turn into an adventure! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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