Cruising To Cabbage Key…Part 3


Well, we are traveling to Cabbage Key Island. This is part 3 of our cruise with the Captiva Cruise line. Part 1 & 2 are linked at the bottom of this post. If you remember, I showed you the majestic dolphins on our way out to this island. Here are a few more sites we enjoyed on our trip.  After the dolphins, we were fortunate enough to see a mother Osprey and her baby on Channel Marker 54. Everybody was fighting for space on the boat to get a great picture of this. The Osprey’s are very popular down here in Florida. One of the things that tickled me was the baby was as big as the mama already.


One of the newer style Florida cottages…


One of the older style cottages…Be Still My Heart♥ Okay, so I guess you can tell which one tickles my fancy. How adorable is this?



Cabbage Key’s taxi along with the Captains Wheel…


Pulling up to the ole time marina…we are finally here! Stay tune for part 4, where we will actually see the delights this island holds.

Tip of the Day for Bloggers/Photographers:

If you have a horizon in your image, make it level!

Neglecting to square up the horizon, and leaving it slightly tilted will be very distracting to the viewer.

How was your weekend? So tell me…what Florida style cottage did YOU like better?



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49 thoughts on “Cruising To Cabbage Key…Part 3

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  2. You must be having such a wonderful time! I love Osprey and the photos of the dolphins in the previous post are wonderful!!! Enjoy … Everything!

  3. Travel on! Mother Osprey must have been wonderful to see.
    Thanks for sharing your photos. I enjoyed traveling with you a bit.
    And thanks for stopping by my blog and clicking the LIKE button

  4. Wow. Your photography and home are stunning! Thank you so much for commenting on my Simple Gift Sunday post. You have also encouraged me!

  5. Both cottages are nice but I opt for the newer one because older things always seem to need repair. 😉

    I love Florida. *siiiiiiiiiiigggggggggghhhhhh* to your posts that are making nostalgic for my home. 🙂

    Love the Manatee sign! I saw one swimming in an inlet once and could NOT believe it, I was among a group of people walking the boardwalk beside it for as long as I could (until the sidewalk ran out). 🙂

  6. The older cottage is charming an evokes simpler times when life was slow and you sat on the porch watching fireflies, but I’m a fancy comfort type girl, so I vote for the new one! Lovely photos, thanks for my mini trip!

  7. Wonderful photos of a wonderful time, Laurie!
    I like the newer style cottage, but it sure look like more than a cottage. Really beautiful.
    We had our first real spring weather this weekend, so it was all about being outside.

  8. How fantastic. I like both cottages, it’d be so awesome to be by the water. Do alligators wander thru the yard? I also enjoyed your photo of the osprey nest. So cute to set up house on a marker. Looks like fun, thanks for sharing your trip Laurie

  9. Lovely photos, makes me want to visit that area and see the cottages. I like both styles but the smaller is for me. Maybe that’s where I will one day live, a cottage by the beach!

  10. The pictures are beautiful!!!
    I took that boat ride, but went straight to Useppa. The pictures looked very familiar.

  11. Wonderful photos and Cabbage Key brings back wonderful memories for me ~ Did you have one the special hamburgers? ~ forget the name of the eatery but we loved it ~ Great post for HBM ^_^

  12. I love the new cottage! You are right, the baby osprey was a big as the Mommy! Simply beautiful photographs….I felt like I was at the islands with you. I remember once traveling down the inter-coastal waterway on a really big boat and I saw all kinds of things in the water too not to mention beautiful sights. I definitely could get used to the boating life.

  13. Wonderful captures! I like the older style cottage. My weekend was awesome. I spent Saturday outside most of the day on a photo walk and Sunday I went to my daughters house to visit my granddaughter. What fun we had! 😀

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