Don’t Rock The Boat…


Don’t Rock the Boat
By: The Hues Corporation

So I’d like to know where, you got the notion
said I’d like to know where, you got the notion

to rock the boat, don’t rock the boat baby
rock the boat, don’t tip the boat over
rock the boat, don’t rock the boat baby
rock the boat-t-t-t-t

Ever since our voyage of love began
your touch has thrilled me like the rush of the wind
and your arms have held me safe from a rolling sea
there’s always been a quiet place to harbor you and me

Our love is like a ship on the ocean
we’ve been sailing with a cargo full of, love and devotion

So I’d like to know where, you got the notion
said I’d like to know where, you got the notion

To rock the boat, don’t rock the boat baby
rock the boat, don’t tip the boat over
rock the boat, don’t rock the boat baby
rock the boat-t-t-t-t

Up to now we sailed through every storm
and I’ve always had your tender lips to keep me warm
oh I need to have the strength that flows from you
don’t let me drift away my dear, when love can see me through

Our love is like a ship ……….


Do you see the hubster in the middle photo? Well, we are on a date and the “Rules” are NO business on date night(day)!”

As you can see, he sneaked away to take a business call. Sigh…yes, I caught him with my weapon…the camera…smile!

Seriously…is it worth Rocking the Boat? In this case, NO!

Meaning…If one tends to “rock the boat,” he makes trouble or causes problems. The boat will overturn if a person rocks the boat too severely, and that’s dangerous when there are people on the boat.

Side note…The third photo in the middle row…Is your dividends paying off like this? I just let out a laugh when I captured this.

Tip of the Day for Bloggers/Photographers:

Are you keeping track of the posts you create?

One of the biggest tools I have started this year is an Editorial Calendar!

You can create this in Excel or software that is similar.

For example: this is a photography, design and inspiration blog. So I rotate these subjects throughout the month.

It is also a great way to see what your community is loving and what they are not by adding the stats to the report too if you would like.

You can color code and so much more to make it very visual for you to see the direction you are going on your blog.

We had a lovely time at the South Seas Resort Marina on a day cruise starting with Captiva Island, even with the hubster conducting business on our date.

I would love to know what causes you NOT to rock the boat….when you would love to make some waves?

For our first or second time visitors we would love for you to join the community here at Pride in Photos. You will receive the tips of the day right to your inbox! Just

go to the bottom of this post and fill out your email.Your inspiration will be delivered directly to you.

Can’t wait to hear what you have to say today…

55 thoughts on “Don’t Rock The Boat…

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  3. I can’t wait until summer! Great images, great post! Thanks for visiting the Mom’s Monday Mingle… I had a blast co-hosting cause I got to find great blogs like yours! Following you here and everywhere.

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  5. What a nice date. 🙂 And I think you just put an earworm in my head. That song, that song! 🙂 Maybe, I will be dancing too after I played the music in youtube..

  6. Nooooooooo! As soon as I read your title I got that song in a continual brain loop! haha. Captiva is on my list of “got to get to’s”. Visiting from Communal Global.

  7. I read you post via my e-mail notification earlier today. ‘Don’t Rock the Boat’ has been playing in my head ever since. That’s OK, I like the song. You hubster’s Margarita looks real good too 🙂

  8. I WISH our dividends paid that well. 😉

    What I do to not rock the boat is assess the importance of rocking it. Usually it’s not that big of a deal. I only rock when there really needs to be a rocking, and thankfully my husband is the same way. 🙂

  9. Looks like so much fun! Love the name of that boat; too funny! I happened to see it said Sarasota, FL too! I was just there last year! Boy do I miss it! We are going to St. Pete’s Beach this year; can’t wait!

  10. What a great collection, Laurie! Excellent tip on the editorial calendar, thanks! I don’t have one, but now that you mentioned it, I think I will create one for myself too. Thank you, thank you!

  11. Now that song is in my head! :). I love how hubby got busted! Looks like a fun day, nevertheless. I could use a little warmth today.

  12. Lovely marina – the boats are big, the day warm and the palms reminding us that as it is cool up north still, the Florida days are pleasant indeed! Remember the song well from my collegiate days all those decades ago. Nice views, great memories!

  13. WOW, what an awesome day! You’re so lucky to be able to head out on the water, drinks in hand! Looks fantastic. I always get a kick out of what people name their boats too. That’s a funny one.

  14. What a great photo collection of boats….we always had boats when I was growing up, I love them. If I was to rock somebodies boat, it would be anyone talking on their cell or texting while driving or crossing a street on foot.

  15. I actually started an editorial calender utilizing Google calenders at the beginning of this month. I am loving it! It is such a great way to rotate content and it saves so much time when I have my month laid out. Even if things end up getting switched around, I’m never scrambling for what post I want to do on a certain day! 🙂

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