Urban Portrait Photography…


Teenagers are usually unblemished by complexities of the world, so sometimes it makes them feel at home to shoot them in their style of setting that enables you to focus on them and brings out their youthful energy and flair.  Try to avoid shooting with the flash. Just keep snapping pictures and they will quickly become comfortable and less self-aware.


A simple background, like a brick wall so you avoid distracting elements in the photo.


In addition, if the background is fairly neutral, this won’t seem like a formal photo shoot, and they are likely to be more comfortable.

I found it all JOY to capture this little beauty! She was such a delight to work with…no matter what any of the photographers asked her to do, it was all with a smile.

You are observing another photo shoot at Chic Photography Retreat…sigh…Have I told you I didn’t want to come home?☺

If you missed the other photo shoots…I will have them listed at the bottom of this post.

Tip of the Day for Bloggers/Photographers:

We will start with a quote…

“Not possible to achieve good results in photography without the three E’s!” ~ Richard Avedon

  • Energy…
  • Enthusiasm…
  • Emotions…When I read this quote, I knew that this post today would fulfill this requirement.Our precious teenager above gave this photographer a big E in excitement!Munchow’s Blog a photographer from Norway, gives a wonderful writing on this subject in great detail which you will truly enjoy. Check it out.

It’s Friday my friends…we made it! I hope you have something exciting on the agenda for your life this weekend.

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44 thoughts on “Urban Portrait Photography…

  1. I never heard that quote before but I plan to put it on the wall of my digital photo classroom in the new school year(today was the students’ last day)
    Thanks Laurie.
    And your portraits are Excellent!

  2. Nice photos, Laurie. I remember Richard Avedon did a lot of fashion photography. Didn’t he take a picture of a model next to an elephant or some other gigantic animal (not a dinosaur, haha, a real animal)?

  3. Nicely done, Laurie!! Can you direct me to one of your blogs that addresses the Chic Retreat? Or other recommendations for photography class / weekends? Thanks!

  4. Beautiful portraits, love her gorgeous smile! Thank you so much for giving us lessons and tips on blogging and photography, Laurie!

  5. These are wonderful! she is so pretty and has such a great smile. I have a teenage daughter – just getting her out to shoot is a deal. I’ll look for an exciting background. maybe then she will play with me. 🙂 Thank you!!!

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