Are There Any Foodies In The House?…TWO-sday Random Post #10

Here is our TWO-sday Shot!
I shared with you last week about not feeling in tip top shape. You can read about it here. I went and saw a specialist last Friday and he lectured me for one hour about healthy eating folks!! Do you want to know what he told me I could eat? Yes, you guessed it…FRUITS AND VEGETABLES, then he said, MORE fruits and vegetables and even MORE fruits and vegetables. He took away everything I kid you NOT. No coffee, tea, wine, chocolate, red meat, all fat and on and on. “Just shoot me now,” I said!  He said, “Lets hope it doesn’t come to that!”
After photographing asparagus a few weeks ago, I found a new love of photographing vegetables. I have never seen vegetables as beautiful but now my eyes can see the beauty. Oh happy day…

What makes healthy eating SO hard??

After some research, this is what I found and it is finally making sense to me.

Our taste buds have been genetically engineered to crave high-calorie, high-fat foods (that we used to need for energy—hunting, gathering, exploring the continent, etc), and now we’ve created food that tastes even better than nature’s, which makes lettuce a hard sell when compared to a juicy burger.

The good news: This “addiction” goes both ways, and you can slowly start to change your tastes and become “addicted” to healthier foods if you start eating them enough. That’s what food psychologist Marcia Pelchatfound when she gave test subjects a low-fat, vanilla-flavored drink (described as ‘not very yummy’) every day for two weeks. After consuming it so often, most people started to crave the drink, despite its ‘chalky’ taste. The point: Even if vegetables taste terrible to you now, the more you eat them regularly, the more you’ll start to enjoy them.

Can I share with you that I can’t wait for the day the addiction is over with?♥

“When nothing is sure, everything is possible.” ~ Margaret Drabble

You sure would make me feel SO much better if you could share your thoughts on this subject.

Have YOU ever been down this road before?

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Happy TWO-sday!

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32 thoughts on “Are There Any Foodies In The House?…TWO-sday Random Post #10

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  2. I feel your pain Laurie! My doctor has put me on a low glycemic index diet because my blood sugar was at pre-diabetic levels; the list of foods is so depressing. Everything I love – aka BREAD – is in the “avoid” section, and the “eat regularly” section are not foods I enjoy. I am trying to find some healthier recipes to add to my weekly menu plans and Pinterest has been a big help. Two of my favorite blogs for healthy recipes are Skinnytaste ( and The Gracious Pantry (, Diabetic Living has some okay looking dishes as well (

  3. I want to eat healthy. I really do! It’s just harder than heck to say no to all the delicious offerings all around me…especially this time of year! I’m a pretty good cook, too, so that makes it even harder! We eat cooked vegetables every day, and I make a salad for my husband every day usually made of baby spinach. He also likes to have an apple in his lunch each day. (Imagine that: a doctor who wants an apple in his lunch! Is he trying to keep HIMSELF away? :-)) I have a gag reflex to most fresh fruits (especially bananas and peaches!!!), so I tend to shy away from fruit unless it’s baked into a pie or something equally fattening. Practice. I guess that, along with lots of patience & determination, is what it will take to get me totally on board. You make excellent points here, and I wish you much success!

  4. You are so cool! Love the simple graphic quality of your blog!

    And I love this message.

    I am always drawn to white foods (ie. the ones that aren’t good for you!) and I struggle constantly to fight that addiction.

    Thanks for an inspiring post!

    And thank you for linking to the letter Z.


  5. that’s good to hear! I love veges (some) and my DH, the cook, isn’t too keen. So maybe if we eat enough of it, often enough, he will come around. BTW: our overweight doggie loved the zuchini we had the other day! {:-Deb

  6. I love those veggie photos! I actually do love fruits and veggies, but when it comes to eating them, I’m horrible! I KNOW I should eat more fruits and veggies in a day than ICE CREAM, but it’s so hard. I love food – all the bad stuff. 😦

  7. I am right where you are right now. My doctor says I need to lower my blood pressure or I’ll basically have a stroke. So I’m on a low-sodium, high-potassium diet, and I actually do feel better than when I was eating cheeseburgers and pizza. And, I’ve already lost 3 1/2 pounds in 2 weeks. So, that’s incentive enough to eat more healthy. Good luck to you and I hope you feel better soon.

  8. Love those pics, I think that veg are gorgeous when photographed en masse. I am a veggie and never crave meat, but chocolate, now that’s a different thing… isn’t it classed as a vegetable anyway? :O)

  9. When I became a diabetic several years ago, I had to reform my eating habits. Thankfully I can still have lean meat. I’ve learned to appreciate the natural sweetness of raw fruit in place of apple pies and pineapple upside down cakes!
    Lovely vegetable photos!
    Lea’s Menagerie

  10. Those are GREAT pictures of vegetables. 😉 I’m afraid I’m not too much help in the eating well department. Although, smoothies are great. Do you have a VitaMix? Just went to Costco the other night and watched them put so many vegetables in a smoothie…. 🙂

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Love your veggie shots. We try our best to eat healthy in this house too and serve vegetables to every meal. I’m so thankful that my girls really don’t like fast food and soda.

    Erika B

  12. I so agree about the healthy eating…veggies and fruits should be our friends, but sometimes pasta & sweets push their way past the veggies. I have always loved veggies (except for brussel sprouts) and fruits and need to bring them to the forefront again. We will do it together.

  13. My husband and I have been eating healthy for 5 years now. We allow ourselves to eat whatever we want when we go out to eat (once a week), but otherwise we have healthy homemade meals together at home. No processed food in the house. We buy all our weekly groceries at the farmer’s market and that really helps because it makes it feel like an outing together and you get to talk to farmers and it feels like a fair! It was hard for the first year, but after that it is so ingrained that I can’t imagine anything else. 😉

  14. That “wiring” is difficult for me to overcome!! Last year, I did really well eating healthier… then little by little the sugars creeped back in… =(

    Wishing you the best of luck!! blessings ~ tanna

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