The Art of Determination…

The Art of Determination…it comes in a very small size!

Brings a smile to your face doesn’t it?

“Little Man” is trying his hand for the first time at spaghetti. Notice his gusto in his first attempts.

This started me thinking…what if adults would go in for the plunge when they are attempting something for the first time.

No fear…no qualms!

As I look at these two images…I am reminded how we ALL could learn from the babes  in youth.

“Just the Art of Determination”…

So what can YOU learn today from learning to have a little faith in what you are determined to do?

It could be as simple as your golf swing, a book that needs to be finished, a phone call that needs to be returned etc?

Be determined to do it today! Don’t worry about how messy you might look…the first attempts aren’t always pretty☺

Stay blessed,

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23 thoughts on “The Art of Determination…

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  3. Ugg. I have to write a personal statement to get into grad school. Maybe I will just take a first stab at it today. Thank you for the inspiration.

  4. AHH, I LOVE THIS! What a cute, cute face & those eyes are amazing!

    And I love the point you made. I’m going to apply it to my life. I’ve had some projects I’ve wanted to do, but they would take a lot of determination. But it would be worth it even if I just gave it a try. Thank you!

    Stopping by from Mama Kat’s!

  5. I like that…no qualms…jump in. I need to attack a few things I’ve been putting off. Thanks for the sweet words on my blog earlier. You were so right.

  6. HAHA! I love that you used that as your title for these photos! So cute! I would say he did pretty well for his first time trying. Today, I’m going to try and alter some vintage clothing. I don’t really know how to alter clothing at all, but I’m pretty resourceful and have done it fairly well before. It’s just always scary making that first cut!

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