Life Is A Balance…

Life is a balance of holding on and letting go…Just when you think you have this lesson learned, life has a way of teaching you, school is not out. As last week unfolded, I am learning how much MORE I have to let go. Health issues…won’t disappear with any kind of stress and holding the steering wheel TOO tight in our life. Can I tell you how hard it is too let go? Sigh…

While we were driving up north to the Pumpkin Festival a couple of weeks ago, this was the precious gift I was given.Β  We passed this horse farm just a few miles before we arrived at the festival. Needless to say, we stopped the car very fast and made a u-turn! As soon as they saw us standing by the fence, they decided to come over and say hello.

For you that know me very well you can just imagine my reaction. I started jumping up and down and squealing like a girl! Well look at this…they want to be friends! What beautiful creatures they are!

When these precious moments hit you in your life as a photographer…it is very tough. Part of you would like to put the camera down, BUT the other part is saying NO WAY, you have to capture this memory!

So what did I do? I tried to take pictures with one hand, and pet them with the other. Good grief…
Textures by Kim Klaussen.
So the journey goes…still more to learn and dreaming of more opportunities like this!

Why do we feel like we have to multitask every area of our lives?

The holidays are soon approaching. What could you let go of to have better balance this season?

Take care and leave some sweet love.

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40 thoughts on “Life Is A Balance…

  1. oh my! how lucky and blessed to have made these two friends. I hope all is alright with you. life have made me let go of almost everything and changed me a bunch. I know how scary it can be. warm and gentle hug. xxo

  2. Oh, I’ll be balanced this christmas season alright! And in no small part because I live in a muslim country, a couple of continents and an ocean away from my family and all the seasonal craziness.
    These images are so striking; lovely and so evokative of autumn. I used to keep horses (a lifetime ago) and I loved early frosty mornings when their muzzles had just the finest coat of frosty dew from the grass. Ohhhhhh. So sweet. Thanks for the memories!

  3. We have horses and they help keep me grounded. I always say going to the barn is my therapy time. Hope everything goes well for you. I found the book The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley and Remembering Wholeness by Carol Tuttle to be very helpful in dealing with some health issues I had. Found you through one of the link parites:)

  4. Beautiful photos. And a beautiful lesson. I think it’s about our desire to have everything. We want the photos and the petting. I have to remind myself that I enjoy something more when it’s got my full attention. But, man, it’s tough.

    Best wishes as you and I both work on this. Happy Sharefest. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  5. Very elegant photography ~ Love the beautiful horses ~ Wow! ~ ( A Creative Harbor) ^_^

    ps. Yep ~ life is letting go and hangin in there ~ think of your breath ~ ‘in and out’ ~ Breathe ^_^

  6. I love this, and I laughed at your squealing BEcause I have 3 little ones living in the house in front of the Wee Cottage and they LOVE my Gracie, my Golden, yet whenever she comes to them the girls squeal. I know it is deLIGHT and also terror, and it seems even Gracie knows this, too. She has adapted, much like you with your camera.

    As for the multitasking, it is something I never grasped too much but as much as I did I have really let it go. I live much more simply, especially since letting go of my vehicle in April. It lets Life BE very deliberate and my choices get to drive my activity. I am enJOYing my wander through Texture Tuesday this Thursday morning with nice music and a BEautimous blue sky day out the window. That’s about as multi as I get!!

  7. Really striking horses! My youngest adores horses so I completely understand your need to connect with them AND take their picture. Those moments when we really want to be present but also really really want to take pictures are so hard…

  8. Beautiful photos, elegant horses, lovely textures! I would have to pet these gorgeous animals, too. I can just picture you doing that while trying to photograph them!

  9. These are beautiful images that you captured trying to multi-task…why do we do that. Why don’t we just enjoy the moment? One of the most difficult issues we women have is letting go and focusing on what is really important in our lives. Your health is really important, so focus on that and enjoy your precious moments.

  10. I would be jumping up and down squealing with joy, too! Horses. . . . . Are there many girls who do not love them? I still haven’t outgrown my love of them even though I cannot have them in my pastures any more.

    Balance. . . .yes, life is a balance of learning to hold on and to let go.

  11. I loved what you said. Good for you, you are learning to let go what you can’t control.
    You go girl!!!
    Have a great week.
    Love, Annie

  12. Laurie, I couldn’t agree with you more… life is a struggle between holding on and letting go… and that seems to have accelerated for me since entering this phase of life!! I understand about health issues, too. Hang in there, girl. Your photos are beautiful. Take care.

  13. Laurie, What an added bonus to your trip to the Pumpkin Festival! It’s like these horses KNEW how much you would appreciate them! How lucky for all of us that you seized the moment and captured their beauty in your photography.

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