Little Man Visits The Countryside…

Fall has come to the Farm! Little Man and his family traveled south to breathe in some clean fresh country air. Donning his new bomber jacket and knitted hat, his parents had no problem receiving a smile. He seems to thrive in new environments and this one was no different. Don’t you just love the look on his face, when his parents sit him down on the bail of hay? Now mind you, he is a one man picture show! After the first picture, you get this look, “You want another picture?”

Like the border around the images, “A Stitch in Time” for our memory banks.

It is so important to capture these little stitches of our life! The next generation is depending on us. Dust off your camera or better yet…email me to schedule an appointment for your family. I would love to be the one who captures your families memories.

When is the last time you pushed the shutter button on your camera?

On a side note…I created a Facebook page for Pride in Photos Photography finally!  I would love for you to come and join the family of friends!

Until next time, loads of love♥

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17 thoughts on “Little Man Visits The Countryside…

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  2. He is such a sweetheart – and the jacket is very cute! You’re right – taking pictures makes it possible to cherish the moments later on – also the generations to come in mind!
    I’m going to head for your Fb – site now 🙂

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