Seeing Red Vintage Style…Part #2 Pumpkin Festival

What a joy it brought seeing all the Red Vintage equipment and buildings everywhere at the Pumpkin Festival. Did you know that the color of Red in China and many other cultures is associated with happiness? I just know one thing…it brought happiness to this girl! Why has the vintage craze become SO popular right now? I went and did a little research and the popular consent being…it drenches in nostalgia for a time. “Vintage is about looking forward through the window of the past,” says Charles March.

The scarecrow family watching over the festivities. They had several of their other family members scattered on top of the rest of the buildings to make sure everyone was having a great time♥
The Mistress of Ceremonies of the Big Circus at the festival. Isn’t she beautiful?
An old International Harvester Tractor! Can you imagine how many fields this tractor has plowed in its lifetime?

Are you seeing RED now too?

The red hue of this tractor gives me flutters of excitement for forthcoming holidays.

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Have a Great Red Passionate Day.


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31 thoughts on “Seeing Red Vintage Style…Part #2 Pumpkin Festival

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  5. Hi Laurie, Nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by for a visit today. I am loving all the red in this post. My favorite is the scarecrows under the Coca Cola Sign.

  6. Thanks Laurie for calling by News From Italy and leaving a comment, do call by again. Great minds certainly do think alike! I always take photos of vintage coca-cola items we come across, so that is my favourite photo.

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