Just Popping By…

2013 starbucks post
Ode To A Starbucks Coffee Cup

I found a Starbucks Coffee cup
And when I bent to pick it up
I hesitated ‘ere I should
Disturb the slumber of these woods

I didn’t drop it; Twas not me
Affecting such douchebaggery
To toss it down without a thought
Of the karmic offense he hath wrought

Or is it art? You can be sure
The villain’s heart is not as pure
As mine. My soul is free of sin
I put my cups in recycling bins

And as I wrote this in my head
My words for nature in her stead
I clevered together this poem
My soul afire I hurried home

To put word to eternal pen
I blogged and blogged and blogged and then
My mind returned: that Starbucks Cup
Is still there. I never picked it up.

By: Fess432

Well, not totally true☺ I drank every last drop.

This little Starbuck treat was from a gift card from my blogging friend Jeri! You can visit her here at her new blog.
Aren’t bloggers the best?!

FYI…Did you know that emerald green is the 2013 Pantone Color of the year? Surprise, surprise…Starbucks logo color☺

Just popping by to wish you a lovely weekend!

I am on my way to Texas tomorrow…to see little man. Be still my heart.

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55 thoughts on “Just Popping By…

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  2. Very fun, Laurie! Don’t know what part of Texas you’re visiting, but you’re likely to find good weather. It’s suppose to be 70 here in the Hill Country today. Have a safe and enjoyable trip.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing blog, Starbucks is my favorite coffee shop.I am start to drink in 1991 in Hawaii

  4. Have a safe trip to see your little man! By the way, when you travel…..do you pass out BLOG CARDS for your blog to everyone you meet? If you don’t, let me know and I can create you blog cards to use!

      • A blog card is just like a business card. For us, every time I ship out one of our eBay orders, I ALWAYS place a blog card to Nikitaland in their shipment. This gets the word out about your blog – – gets new followers — and new friends. For instance, your blog header is done in purple, so if I was to create you a blog card, I would create something in that color scheme. I would add your blog address, and if you have a “tag line” for your blog, I would include that too, and/or an email address too. Whenever we head out…..we pass out our blog cards for Nikitaland to everyone we meet. (IE: when we go to a pet store, or the grocery store, or anywhere – – just pass them out!) For instance, one of my blog followers bought lots of things from us on eBay and we have become friends! Let me know if you would like my help!

  5. Great poem & I love the Starbucks shots. The emerald green is such a beautiful color.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving a comment. I appreciate your thoughts.
    Have a great time in Texas!

  6. Lol! Who would have thought my giftcard would inspire a blog post! You are so creative, Laurie! Wish I could have been there to share in the moment! Enjoy your trip to Texas. Jeri 🙂

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