Are You Ready For The Sunflowers?…A Sunflower Place Setting.

I started to decorate my home for fall this past weekend…and I came across these wonderful Sunflower Napkin Rings that I had bought at Ross last year for only 4.99! I decided these would look great with the blue nautical napkins we have. Fall is JUST starting and some of us are still seeing the dog days of summer…so this will be a great combination together for this month.

There are two napkin folds that I love to use with the clip variety napkins holders. The first I call…the Side Fold. This one is a great one to use…if you have minimal space on your table. When completed you will see how nice it works with the clips. There is the perfect amount of material to hold the clip in place.

First, fold a square, take two opposing corners and fold to make a triangles.

Take the bottom triangle, and fold over and up to the middle of the napkin.As you can see it doesn’t have to be straight☺

Now take the top triangle and fold over all the way to the bottom fold. See above picture.

Clip the Sunflower Napkin clip over the two folds to hold together! How adorable is this? Now…don’t be a flower snob☺ Just because summer is over with…does not mean we have to put away the flowers. Sunflowers are great to use because they are perfect any time of year, but especially in fall as the leaves begin to turn a similar color. Let’s do one more napkin fold.

This one I call…the envelope for obvious reasons.
Fold a square…take two opposing corners and fold into the middle till both points overlap.

Bring the left corner over the top of the folds….to the middle. Now you have an envelope…darling! Just clip the sunflower to hold all 3 folds in place.

Now don’t you just love a Sunflower Setting?

MIX IT UP! We are heading toward the most beautiful time of the year, and nothing says Fall Frolic more than mixing up summer cloth napkins with fall napkin rings. They look fantastic together. Again, it’s about complementing, rather than matching.  Don’t let your summer decor be put away just yet! You can add to your fall decor with some of your summer elements. It’s great to be perfectly IMPERFECT.

So what do you have in your closet or cupboards that could be brought out for the beginning of fall…end of the summer season? Remember to mix it up a little, in Mexico, they have an expression that goes “Estamos de manteles largos” which the translation would be like “we are using our finest tablecloth” translation….get out your finest NOW!! Don’t wait for THE special company to come over…enjoy it while you can☺

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Be blessed…

47 thoughts on “Are You Ready For The Sunflowers?…A Sunflower Place Setting.

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  5. Oh, thank you so much. I’m gonna print this off and use the envelope fold for Thanksgiving dinner. I love using the cloth napkins and rings, but it is so funny because the kids weren’t use to it as adults when they came to dinner because as growing up they usually had the paper napkins when we had holiday dinners. :) Happy Fall and have a nice Thanksgiving.

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  9. You are such a blessing to me, and I love your creative ideas! My daugther-in-law (and family) loves sunflowers; they’re coming for a visit today, so I’m going to try this one! Hugs—

  10. Laurie, thank you so much for coming to my blog for a visit and comments! I’m a big fan of fabric napkins vs. paper, and typically make my own. Your sunflower clips are adorable – and I hadn’t thought of using something like them to dress up the table setting. Lovely!! Now I’m excited to find some clips. :) Thank you!!

  11. Ihave very similar rings. Mine are flat on the bottom and the flowers are metal. Are yours the same? To be honest I bought them as a gift but so liked them I kept them :-)

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  15. Love the envelope variation! I can think of so many cute napkin rings to use with this.
    Thanks for sharing at Rural Thursdays, Laurie. Have a lovely weekend.

  16. GET OUT! You know I LOVE sunflowers… This is a great idea. My decor is more warm colors so the blue won’t work…but I think a sage green could work well. I think I’ll look for something that’ll work and take a photo…maybe put it on my blog…link it back to you!

    Wonderful how to!

    • We re-use napkins; kineepg them in the basket on the table for a day or two. The little\’s gets thrown in more frequently than mom or dad\’s, but I like the individual napkin ring idea. I\’ve bought good heavy cotton napkins on sale that really work, but I like the washcloth idea too.[]

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