Buffalo Bayou’s Back….


Local Houston knitting group Urban Yarnage created a temporary art installation at Buffalo Bayou Park. The colorful project celebrates International Yarn Bomb Day and the revitalization of the park. Its grand re-opening has been pushed back to the fall due to Houston’s historic floods that recently turned it into lake property.


The 100-foot colorful extravaganza of crocheted and knitted flowers and greenery extends along the park railing at Allen Parkway and Taft in downtown Houston.


The brainchild of Mary Goldsby, landscape architect and Urban Yarnage founder, was inspired by the Memorial Day flooding and the park’s quick return to usability. Urban Yarnage members, some 12 in all, worked for several weeks creating the nature scene.

The very sad part…it was only up for two weeks!!! I feel very fortunate to have witness this art display, it brought such a splash of color to the park.

I do have a confession to make on this post…TARZAN WAS NOT HAPPY WITH JANE ON THIS ENDEAVOR!

Let’s just say…it was a little harrowing to take these images with all the traffic.

Have you ever seen a city “Yarn Bombed” before? This was our FIRST time.



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26 thoughts on “Buffalo Bayou’s Back….

  1. LOve the childlike simplicity of the designs … but it’s a complete mystery to me crochet/ knitting anything more than a square is impossible … although everyone says it’s easy peasy !
    Nothing will stop a photgrapher on a mission Lol … good for you Laurie 🙂

  2. These are just so gorgeous Laurie! Even ladybirds and butterflies and did I see a frog as well? So adorable and cute! 😀
    Sorry to hear Tarzan wasn’t very happy but tell him you’re not the only one. It’s sometimes very frustrating when you’re driving around and you see something that is so perfect that you must take a shot of, and then you can’t stop because of the traffic. Then I would turn around and scowl at the cars behind us. I think sometimes those people wonder why I am so angry at them. LOL! Silly traffic! Where are the days of horse-carts? hahahaha

    Thanks for sharing these gorgeous shots Laurie. It’s always so much fun doing a virtual visit with you. ♥

  3. I could just imagine you taking these photos amidst all the traffic! A passionate photographer such as youself will stop at nothing to get the awesome displays of art you find!

  4. No, I have never seen a city yard bombed. Thanks for braving the traffic to take these photos. It is just so whimsical with all the colorful details. You just never know what kind of art you will find next in Houston. Have a great week and keep on looking for new art.

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