A Fall Fair & Rodeo…What Could Be More Fun?


Our family ventured out this weekend for the first time to our local county fair and rodeo!

I have to hand it to Texas…they do it right!  They have their fair in the fall NOT in the hot summer.

It was delightful to say the least.

The weather was perfect!

We were able to witness a whole lot of fun…

Bareback Bronc Riding
Bull Riding
Calf Roping
Cowgirl Barrel Racing
Saddle Bronc Riding
Steer Wrestling
Team Roping


We don’t ever tire of seeing the shenanigans of the clowns at the rodeo.


Little Man…was just taking it all in.



When he could see it was all fun and games….the laughs ensued.


Little Miss…was over heated in the arena! There was NO air circulation and she was cranky!

Mommy, took off her clothing and rubbed an ice pack over her back.

Her expression, says it all…”Oh, Mommy that feels SOOO good!”


The motorcycle daredevils were the hit of the show!

Literally, I was screaming…it looked like they were hitting the ceiling!



Isn’t this just A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E?

Little Man, made these binoculars in Sunday School. He wanted to bring them to the rodeo.

You never know…what could be seen through these special binoculars? Right?





He rode some kiddy rides and had a blast!


Paw Paw…wanted to take him fishing. He brought home a stuffed whale. Smile…


Little Miss says…”Rodeo and Fairs…are very tiring!”

I agree…Little One.


This week…what has caught my attention:

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You will feel a very special vibe here…I promise!

They have a great message…check them out.


May you all have a blessed week!


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33 thoughts on “A Fall Fair & Rodeo…What Could Be More Fun?

  1. I love Little Man’s binoculars! And the biker with his extremely high jumps made me nervous just looking at the photo for his safety! You captured that perfectly!

  2. Growing up in Dallas I attended many a rodeo when I was a kid, loved them all. You have captured the heart of the rodeo with your amazing images. And I love the ones of Little Man, seeing his enjoyment of the day. You are becoming a real “Texan”!!

  3. Wonderful pictures, Laurie. Brought back wonderful memories of growing up in Oregon and going to the fair and rodeo every September. Such good times. And I love Little Man’s binoculars! 🙂

  4. No doubt, dear Laurie – so clearly that the young man had a wonderful day full of experiences and that the young lady was very tired of all the action happens – excellent done, wonderful captures… 🙂

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