Little Man and Little Miss Together At Last…


Well, you have waited a LONG time to see this…haven’t you?

Look, at these two adorable siblings! Precious, Precious, Precious!!!


Of course, we needed to get mom in on the action.


Can’t you just picture the beautiful times ahead for these two ladies?


Little Miss, turned 6 months old this month!

When I see her smile…she melts my heart.

She is in the 90% percent tile for the height category in her age bracket.


The whole family together…

What Is Tickling My Fancy At This Moment…

“The Midwife Confession” by Diane Chamberlain.
A story about deep and abiding friendships between women. It offers an opportunity to ponder the multiple layers of family secrets, relationship and drama. There is so many twists and turn…you won’t be able to turn the pages fast enough.

Funky Junk Interiors
From Crap to Clean before Christmas! You will LOVE this!!
Without even knowing about this article, I had said this to Tarzan last weekend. Great minds think alike. SMILE. We started the fall cleaning in our bedroom closet! The next day…I find this blog post, and my mouth just dropped open. Won’t you join me in this challenge? Tell Donna at Funky Junk…that Pride in Photos sent you!

Photoshop Artistry Class by Sebastian Michaels.
Best content of any course that I’ve taken … In fact, it’s clearly the best set of tutorials I’ve seen on the internet. It’s packed with value and the instructor is fabulous. Great value and great teacher too! I’m addicted!!


Enjoy Your Week My Friends!


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49 thoughts on “Little Man and Little Miss Together At Last…

  1. Wow! Little man grew up so fast! Such beautiful family portraits Laurie and such a great family! Little Miss is totally adorable. 😀 ♥

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