Meet Charlie…


I was contacted by the President of Fort Bend Friends and Neighbors…a non-profit group and asked if I could do a photo session of her dog “Charlie.”

Normally, I don’t photograph animals but this is a special lady who has done so much for this group and the community…who could say no?!

Charlie is a rescue dog and one lucky soul to have Miss Marsha as his new mommy! Does he ever get spoiled now…he is just a sweet precious boy.

In the photo above, mommy is telling him how handsome he is! Just look at him taking it all in.

But, it wasn’t always this way for Charlie…


Here is a little of his story…

Charlie was found in Corpus Christi, TX. The gentleman who found him contacted all the Vet’s in the surrounding area for a period of 4 months. During this time, he would take Charlie to work all day then drop him off at his Vet to spend the night. The next day, he would pick up Charlie again and take him to work and then drop him off at the Vet to spend the next night…this cycle continued for 3 months. I bet you are glad you didn’t have to pay that Vet bill!


Sometime after this, the gentleman decided to reach out to a larger area and the city of Houston made the circle of contacts. He made “Wanted” posters like they did in the olden days. The poster said, “Charlie Needs A Home!”  Shortly after, Marsha went to her Vet to take her dog Ashley in for a check up and saw the poster. She decided to take Charlie as a trial for a few days. Well, the rest is history…Charlie found his new home! What is interesting is that Ashley died just 10 days later. She was VERY old and I guess felt mommy was in good hands now.






I love happy endings, don’t you?


54 thoughts on “Meet Charlie…

  1. Hi Laurie! My face hurst from smiling. I’m so happy that Miss Marsha and Charlie found each other! Charlie has an adorable face and he looks so happy. 😀 Your photos are gorgeous. I feel like you really captured Charlie’s personality.

  2. He is a lucky one, Charlie, to have got a new home. And mommy speaks the truth – he is a handsome boy indeed! Snow white and rather good at posing – and of course you as a skilled photographer made him cooperate? A warm and lovely series. Those eyes are really something…

  3. HI Laurie! 🙂

    What gorgeous photos and such a heart warming story. May Charlie and his new mummy have many happy years together.

    Sending hugs your way. Paula xxx

  4. Ahhh what sweet pics my friend! That is so cool you took the pics for her even though you don’t normally do animals! Hugz Lisa and Bear

  5. Aww…what a lovely story for a lost puppy! There are so many kind people in this world. I needed a good story on this Monday when so much of the news is sad. You do as well with dogs as you do with babies and children!

  6. Very sweet story for such a sweet dog! Obviously, I am partial to dogs, and never miss an opportunity to photograph them with their beloved humans. You captured the connection between these two perfectly!!

  7. Charlie found a new home. 🙂 What a sweety! So glad you took the photo assignment, Laurie. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos with us. 🙂

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