A Houston Sparkler…


I know I am terribly late posting these adorable photos of our Sparkler baby…Little Miss!
But when cuteness prevails…I just had to show you her wonderful self.

She permeates my day and night…almost literally.

At 4 months old, she has already learned how to wrap Grammie around her finger!

She is an expert! I am pretty sure Little Man had a talk with her before I became her Nanny. Smile…





Yes, you tell me…how do I ever say NO to this face?!

She even wants Grammie to hold and rockΒ her to sleep every time…even though at home she doesn’t demand this! Sigh…

How at 4 months old, do they know the difference already is beyond me?

But that is the crucifix of having Grandmother be your nanny! Smile…you take the good with the bad.

Have you ever spoiled someone in your family to pieces?



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30 thoughts on “A Houston Sparkler…

  1. Oh my goodness! These are precious! And to answer your question – yes! I spoil all 8 of my grandkids – best job I ever had! (I’m sure you’d say the same thing!)

  2. Love those beautiful blue eyes. Yep, I’d have to spoil her too. You know the saying…can’t spank grandma. My youngest littlekins doesn’t live nearby or I’d be spoiling too. πŸ™‚ Great photos.

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