Little Man Joins T-Ball…


Well, if you haven’t seen 3 year olds play T-Ball for the first time…you are missing a wonderful event to observe in life.

Parents and grandparents alike have never laughed so hard or for so long!

It does a spirit good to watch one of these adorable games.

You totally will forget any worries or troubles you might have at that moment.

We don’t call him Little Man for nothing! Look how long the smallest jersey is on him. Its almost a dress!

Mommy took it to the cleaners to have it shorten after this game.


You see, the toddlers have NO CLUE on what to do or where to go.

Everything is a new experience for them.


Just hitting the T-Bar with the ball sitting on top is a big event.

But then, when they do finally hit it…they just stand there bewildered!

The fans…ok the parents and grandparents get all riled up and start yelling….”RUN…RUN!”

But see, they don’t have a clue where to run to…some run to the next ball field…oh be still my heart.

I had tears pouring down my face laughing so hard.


They are taught how to stand when they are out in the field.

Here, you see Papaw showing Little Man the stance, off to the right.


Even when they catch the ball…now what? Papaw is pointing to first base. Throw it…



Heading for home…see how happy he is?!


This is serious stuff…look at their faces.

Little Man, the only one that brings his own glove…ready to play again.


The game is over, they are taught to be good sports and give high five to the other team.

Little Man’s daddy is the coach for this team. Here you see him in the red t-shirt.

What a great dad, putting time and love into these children.


But, I have to tell you…not EVERYONE was thrilled with the T-ball game adventure.

Little Miss, (Little Man’s Sister) had other things on her mind.

Isn’t she just beautiful?

How lucky am I to be able to have her full-time in my life right now?

Sweet dreams my darling.




43 thoughts on “Little Man Joins T-Ball…

  1. oh how funny, I remember these days. My sons would be in the outfield picking dandelions or running to the wrong base on the wrong team! These were happy times and I laughed at little man in his long jersey!

  2. I can remember those early days of T-Ball and how fun watching the little ones learn the game. You have captured some beautiful memories here of fun times. And…there is a girl on the team….Yea!! Your granddaughter is really precious, you are so blessed to have them so close to you as they grow and change.

  3. Oh, just loved the pictures and the various looks on “little mans” face. So priceless and adorable. Sure put a smile on my face and so glad that you shared this, Laurie 🙂

  4. Terrific photos of two beautiful grandchildren and there’s something very special about dads and granddads willing to mentor and teach and moms and grandmas cheering on the team. You’ve got a good thing going there in Texas. Here’s hoping your weather evens out soon. Stay safe. 🙂

  5. He could not get any cuter. I loved watching my kids start play bball, but oh so fun to watch the grandchildren. Think because I was less stressed at the time than when raising kids. Love the one where they’re bent with hands on the knees. Made me chuckle because it is soooo cute, but all the pictures are great. 🙂

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