Born To Wear Diamonds…


While we were up in Indiana, we babysitted Miss Ahna so mommy could finally go to the hairdresser.

What she didn’t know is while she was gone, the cat will play. In other words, Grammie dressed up her precious granddaughter and did a photo shoot.

The outfit Miss Ahna is wearing was provided by yours truly. I mean…Of course, she was born to wear diamonds right?!


Seriously, those eyes…


This 4 month old precious child is always smiling! Her personality is already shining through.


Doesn’t this just crack you up?

Her furry siblings…Mason & Madison are up to no good!

They are trying to grab her toys while Grammie’s attention is on the photo shoot.

I will translate for Miss Ahna…

“Oh my word, those big furry things have gotten my toys!Β 

What a treasure it is to capture these special memories, before we can forget them.

For my clients…all future photo shoots will be done only on the weekends, Saturday & Sunday from this point forward.

I’d love to be able to capture a few moments of your life and tell your story, email me at to book a session.




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