Ahna and The Red Ducky…My First Video!


These eyes…looking at Grammie!

As I promised you…here are more images from our trip to Indiana, when we visited Miss Ahna.

Here, are a few adorable pics from her getting a bath.

Look real closely and you will see, her ducky is not just an ordinary duck.

It is a St. Louis Cardinals Duck…for all you Cardinal fans out there!


Look at these cute lips and toes…




What a special moment between mother and baby…

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 12.17.30 PM

I have decided to start offering videos as part of the Pride in Photos Photography package!

I have read that Facebook will mostly be all video content in five years!

This is the wave of the future the professionals are telling us.

I love using my family as the models until I get the new project just right…smile.

Not a lot of family photographers are offering this option at this time.

It will be a special edition to the photography collections that I think the clients will just love.

Click on the image above to view my first video.

I would love to hear your comments on this creative endeavor.

Is there something you love or something you would like to see different?

Waiting for your lovely thoughts….





28 thoughts on “Ahna and The Red Ducky…My First Video!

  1. I almost missed this one… Love the video, I watched three times, she is beautiful! 🙂 Thank you for sharing the beautiful and precious moments!

  2. Baby baths in the sink are the best.
    They didn’t have those seats back when my kids were babies. I would put a towel in the sink – sit them on it & hold them with one hand/arm while I bathed them with the other.

    What a perfect moment with mom captured!

  3. How cute is this baby? Loved your photographs, they definitely capture the beauty of youth! Family models are the best, aren’t they?

  4. Everybody wants videos these days so I think you will be going with the trend to have a video to go with photos. She is adorable! Thanks for the recent visit to my blog! Have a good week!

  5. Oh what a sweetheart. And I loved the video, just precious. Love her big blue eyes and long lashes and that sweet, sweet smile!!

  6. Awesome photos of your adorable grand Baby! I love the one with her momma a lot! Cherished moments! The video is cool my friend! Hugz Lisa and Bear

  7. How old was she when you took those pictures? She is beautiful.

    I miss you already.

    Maritere Sent from my iPhone


  8. Ahna is a wonderful little girl with big eyes.I did not know this kind of “bath” and it’s really great.The video is very well done.I love the special moment between mother and baby.It reminds me very distant memories.What happiness! ❤

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