Both Families Are Here!…

IMG_8093e 8 x 8

We have BOTH families here together in TEXAS!!! Can I say a “HEE HAW?”

Tarzan and Jane are so excited to have the whole family together. It is a rare treat indeed.

We took the family to the nearest park for a family photo shoot. The park was so packed…total chaos! This photographer wasn’t happy, but that is what you get when it is the first nice day in three weeks without rain.

Ahnalise flew in a plane for the first time! She did great. A side note about Ahnalise…nothing gets past her at two months old. No sleep is required for this one… Smile. But as you can see, it doesn’t phase this family. They are up for the challenge. She hasΒ her Mommy’s eyes! Just beautiful! She is just a precious little girl.

IMG_7970e 8x8 bw_edited-1

This was Marisa’s first time to leave the home. She is the easiest baby I have ever witnessed in my life. She just eats and sleeps…a dream! She hasn’t caused Little Man any grief yet, but I am sure she will in due time.

The granddaughters are only six weeks apart, but at this age it seems like a decade.

I must run, I can’t waste any more precious time being on the computer! There are grand babies waiting!!




48 thoughts on “Both Families Are Here!…

  1. “There are grand babies waiting!”

    Hope you enjoyed their visit and had fun playing with your grand children. It’s very clear how much you love your family and therefore they are blessed to have you as a mother, wife and grandmother. Have a great day!

  2. Total excitement brimming over in your beautiful post Laurie ! What gorgeous photos … wishing you lots many more *together times* like this πŸ™‚

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