Marisa Renee’s First Photo Shoot…


Well, here she is friends…Marisa Renee! Such a beautiful baby girl…and such a blessing to this family.

Look at all her hair!

She was only one week old when we took these images!

Marisa, was pretty cooperative during the photo shoot. We hardly had any tears, but she didn’t like the light from the outdoors at all! So many of the photos, she was squinting her eyes…it doesn’t make for great images. We even picked an all cloudy day for her, but it was still too much light. But hey, what can you expect from a baby that had just been in a dark womb for 9 months, huh?


All I can say as I processed these pictures…is precious, precious, precious!

God is SO good…we thank him for Marisa Renee!


Her little toes are adorable. She is trying to get her arm in her mouth, even though she had just been fed.

Couldn’t you just look at newborns all day, with their little antics?!


This is my favorite image of the shoot!

Can you guess what prop we used for this picture?…


Maybe, now it is a little easier to see what we used?


Here is the full background on what I was shooting on!

Marisa’s mom’s wedding dress and veil…so beautiful!

I was glad it could get a second use, since I paid a fortune for it. Smile! Parents, you can relate, right?

I made a suggestion, that it would be great to get a third use out of the dress. At Marisa’s wedding!!

Can you picture it…a video at the reception showing her in this dress as a newborn, then as an adult bride. Oh, be still my heart!


At the end of the shoot, I noticed that mommy was wearing something that coordinated with the last outfit, so I told her to jump in this last image. Marisa’s mommy LOVES black and white photos, so this one is for her!


Marisa is telling us, “She has had ENOUGH! It is time for her nap.”

Did you enjoy meeting Marisa?

This Grammie is just over the moon and so happy to be a part of her life.

Friends, thank you for your continue support here at Pride in Photos and all the lovely comments you bring to us…we enjoy everyone of them.


69 thoughts on “Marisa Renee’s First Photo Shoot…

  1. Laurie, these are wonderful! How lucky this family is to have you capturing such wonderful memories!
    Marisa’s polka dot dress is so sweet!

  2. Oh how gorgeous! I LOVE the idea of using Mum’s wedding dress, how thoughtful. I would love to get into photography like this one day, fingers crossed! Thanks for sharing these adorable pictures! Sally

  3. Congratulations to all of you ❤
    She and her mother are very beautiful and the pictures are adorable ❤
    The BW photo is very unique ❤
    All the best,

  4. Oh, my goodness, Laurie!! You have been blessed indeed! And, these are beautiful photos, too. I LOVE that you used the wedding dress as a prop; yes, I’m seeing that flash from baby to bride at the reception! WONDERFUL idea! I know you are on Cloud 9! blessings and hugs ~ tanna

  5. These are great shots Laurie. Such a beautiful baby, I love the first pic, well they’re all great. 🙂

  6. Oh she is so beautiful and precious. Love the images especially with her inside the wedding dress. Love the idea of her wearing it on her wedding day. Great pictures!

  7. Lovely, precious, such a blessing. You are so good at photography. You have so much creativity. I love every photo.

  8. Oh my gosh… I can just feel your joy and exuberance. How incredibly precious and what beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing this perfect little bundle with us 🙂

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