iFLY Houston…Indoor Skydiving!


My youngest son in law had a birthday and I wanted to do something special when he came down to Texas. We don’t get to see him that often, and wanted to make his birthday memorable.

We came up with the idea of Indoor Skydiving!

The iFly facilities are brand new and gorgeous.


He loves adventure to the max! I knew he hadn’t done anything like this before, so we were excited to surprise him.

We made the reservations online. After we arrived, we checked in at these kiosk screens. Very nifty indeed!

Everything is done with great professionalism and thoroughness. I loved it!


The first thing is a short instruction class and then they go suit up. The next step isย to take them to the waiting room for their turn.

Here you see, “Luke the Duke” in the middle of the group waiting his turn.


Of course, the instructors have to show off their stunts first and get the adrenaline pumping. Pretty exciting! My son in law says to me, “Don’t expect anything like this from me!” Smile.


Two instructors then jumped in to do their acrobatics. They made it look so easy!


It was finally Luke’s turn! At first, he stiffen up and the instructor gave him the signal to relax. ย He then gets a thumbs up, much better.


I could tell he was enjoying it and his mother in law had a huge smile on her face!


Just trying to get out of the vacuum tube, isn’t an easy task.


Here is now ourย master skydiver!

Don’t you just love putting a big smile on someones face?

PS…just to connect the dots…this is Ahnalise’s daddy.


30 thoughts on “iFLY Houston…Indoor Skydiving!

  1. Pardon… hmmm… my Bday is by the end of October. What do you think, do I need a little reminder for someone?? ๐Ÿ™‚
    Wonderful adventure! His smile says he really appreciated your gift.

  2. That’s a great idea for the person that has it all or not. Have not seen such a sports center here (Delaware), and do wish that it will come to the East Coast. What a memorable experience for him.

  3. What a wonderful adrenaline filled experience for a birthday treat ! Your Son in Law’s face says it all !
    Great pictures of the event Laurie .

  4. What an awesome present to give your adventuresome son-in-law. And the big smile on his face certainly shows how much he appreciated it!

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