A Day in the Life of Little Man…Documentary Style


I am making a turn in my photography business. For months now, I have been wanting to tell stories with my images instead of just posing the children or families in a unnatural setting that they would normally not do in their everyday lives. Years from now, we will want to see how lives were shaped by their environment and such. Storytelling images lends a eye at the REAL moments in a family and how they are perceiving and reacting with one another.

Moving to Texas the demographics are very different here, many more young families populate Texas than they do in Florida. This makes a perfect time for me to head in this new direction and fulfill a huge desire of my heart!!

So with all that said, who better to start with than Little Man right?!

When Little Man walks into Grammie’s door, first thing he says, “I want to play Noah’s Ark Grammie!”

His parents then always have to correct him and say, “We give Grammie and Papa a kiss and hug first!”

Then a big smile breaks out by him and hugs and kisses pursue.

Off he goes to retrieve Noah’s Ark….


As he starts to rebuild Noah’s Ark layer by layer, finding all the missing animals and putting them in their spot…he has to remind me EVERY TIME, “Grammie, the frog is all gone!” Yes, Little Man we lost him. Can you see him pointing to the other frog as he is telling me his story?


The nextΒ routine he has,he deserts Noah’s Ark after building and rebuilding it a couple of times. He then runs off to the next adventure…leaving Grammie to pick it up. Smile.


He brings out all the Play Doh jars. We make all kinds of cookies, cakes, snowmen etc. But the newest thing he has added to his routine, is building a very tall tower with the jars. He is two years old but already knows to keep an eye on the bottom foundation already! Daddy being an engineer might help a little in his makeup on this matter. Smile.


Little Man standing and eating on Grammie’s couch…yes, he knows he is not to be doing this! The reason for the big smile…misΒ·chieΒ·vous! The definition of mischievous (of a person, animal, or their behavior) causing or showing a fondness for causing trouble in a playful way.Yes, that is our Little Man.


Starting to get tired and ending the day with playing peek a boo with Grammie.

I hope you enjoyed the new perspective of Storytelling Photography, with a dash of film processing.

We know how much more enjoyment we will receive for having these images to remind us of our yesteryear with this precious child.


50 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Little Man…Documentary Style

  1. Photographs like this are exactly what we are expected to take as kindergarten teachers. I love looking at them as they tell the story of their play and learning.

  2. I love Little Man’s Story!he is so cute and will one day be a very handsome man! I’m so glad he doesn’t mind you taking his photograph! Hugz Lisa and Bear

  3. What a boy to gladden your heart, Laurie. I especially love that last shot.
    Good luck with the new direction. I don’t think you’ll need it- you’re on a winner πŸ™‚

  4. Laurie, these are just wonderful! I love the storytelling and that you chose a monochromatic palette. And, he is just adorable. Definitely pictures you will cherish for a lifetime. I think you will do great with your new endeavor in your photography business.

  5. Such fun photos, and love the B&W, too!
    Your photos are always lovely, Laurie, and I love the conversational style of your posts.
    This adds yet another great element.

  6. Love the idea to post the story telling pictures. It is always better than static portraits. Although both photography styles are interesting.
    I can imagine your feeling to watch and participate in Little Man games. This summer because of circumstances we have three our grandchildren in our house (10,6,and 4). What a wonderful time and life with them!

  7. Your grandson is just so handsome, bright, and fun! Loved this one. We have a Noah’s Ark set that comes out right away when our grand kids arrive too. Good stuff!

  8. Enjoyed the story along with the photos. I am happy to hear you are doing Photography work. You really have done a great job with all
    the photos


  9. Thank you so much for sharing your precious “a day in the life of little man”. It does bring wonderful memories…
    Beautiful post, Laurie πŸ™‚

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