Hill Country…Boerne, TX


Well, its time for another adventure my friends. A new friend of mine, Miss Kay, asked me to join her to visit a little treasure nestled in the magnificent setting of the Texas Hill Country, Boerne (pronounced “Bur-nee”).It is only minutes north of San Antonio.

If you’ve never been to Boerne, you will be delighted by this mile-long stretch of historic Main Street in Boerne. You can just put on your walking shoes and delight in the meandering paths along the banks of the Cibolo Creek in River Road Park, meticulously maintained historic properties, pocket parks, notable restaurants, and shopping as sophisticated as any big city’s. The Texas-sized “Mile”, measuring 1.1 mile!


As you drive into the city you first discover South Boerne, which is home to some of the city’s most stunning historic buildings; St. Peter’s Catholic Church, built from limestone it was modeled after San Antonio’s Mission de la Purisma (1730) and measures 38 x 85 feet, 21 feet high with twin towers that rise 65 feet in the air, and sits upon a high hill that overlooks the city.

Can you believe how blue the sky was? What a wonderful backdrop to show the beauty of the church!


Boerne now has every kind of shop one could fancy-from high end boutiques to cool funky resale shops. Nostalgic streets of historic Boerne are lined with specialty shops, including antiques,boutiques, art galleries, collectibles, home accessories, books, jewelry, vintage items, and much more.

These two ladies were in heaven.


Since 1850, Main Plaza has been a center point of trade for the people of Boerne. On the second weekend of every month, Main Plaza is home to a magical out door market that blends the traditions of the Texas Hill Country with the creations of today’s culture.  This is what brought Miss Kay and I to Boerne, but imagine our delight when the city presented SO much more.

Hundreds of festive booths display everything from collectibles and remembrances of the past to modern innovations that will bring a smile of wonder to those who stroll past. The captivating music topped the experience and delighted Jane senses. Oh yes, Jane was just bee bopping along the sidewalk to the music and she caught Miss Kay smiling at her dance moves.

boerne flea market finds

We have to stop here with the history of Boerne and show you some of the eclectic finds. Have you ever seen any shoes like this? Lord, have mercy! It sure did bring some giggles between the two ladies. Miss Kay said, “How would you even walk in these?” Jane said, “I wouldn’t have a clue!”

They had every style for every occasion. Unfortunately, I didn’t see the baby ones, until I got home and processed the images. there I noticed a blue pacifier, behind the wedding shoes. Can you see it? Big sigh, what a fun gift to have given my girls for the hospital when they deliver my two grandchildren right?!


Well, you can tell we are in the wild west…


I put these two images together because I thought they would make a terrific Texas outfit. What do you think? You know you are in Texas when your purse has pistols on it.



Saving the best for last. Here we have Miss Kay giving our sheriff something to write home about.

Let’s listen in on their conversation…Jane says, “You need to get closer to him for me to capture this picture.” Miss Kay replies, “He is SO hot!” Jane starts laughing and says, “Exactly!!…so move closer!” Miss Kay replies,” I mean he is “SCOLDING” hot!” At this point Jane can hardly take the picture from laughing so hard, Jane says, “Come on, you can do it!” Miss Kay tries to move closer and up goes her hand and arm to her face to keep from getting burned. SMILE….

Isn’t she a peach?!…love this girl!

You can never go wrong with an adventure with a great girlfriend right?!


37 thoughts on “Hill Country…Boerne, TX

  1. Great pics again Laurie. I visited San Antonio in 2002 and went to a dance in Gruene. ( I think that’s how they spell it) Do you get out that way at all. I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures of the town. It was late and I’d had a few beers. 🙂 The sheriff looks an awful lot like Wild Bill Hickok.

  2. I haven’t been to Boerne in probably over 20 years! Let’s just say that on vacation back then from AZ, the air went out on my car and I was so angry, I pulled into a car dealership and bought a van! HA! Long story short! Love your pictures. Makes me want to go back — but I wouldn’t be looking at cars! 😀

  3. That picture of Miss Kay and the sheriff is a hoot!!
    You are surely making me want to make a trek to Texas, Laurie. and I’m so glad that you are having such fun exploring your new home / surroundings!

  4. Even though I love to shop and can’t pass up a row of tents with fresh, creative pieces to lure me, I must say I love the picture of the church and the last one of Miss Kay! What a nice blog. Now I want to see Boerne!

  5. I haven’t been there in ages! You have inspired me to visit on the second weekend.. Great photos! Only those in Texas would understand about the “hot” sheriff! Excellent post!

  6. I love that church! Gorgeous! I could spend a fortune in those shops getting Texas treasures! Looks like lots of fun!! Hugz Lisa and Bear p.s. That blue purse is adorable!!!!

  7. Going shopping with a girlfriend is the absolute best, isn’t it? Miss Kay and the sheriff look to be just made for one another. 🙂 Those bubble flops look like fun, but I can’t imagine what they must feel like on. I enjoyed my armchair visit to Boerne, Laurie. Thanks for the tour and the smiles.

  8. Thank you for joining me on this “adventure”. We had a wonderful time and there’s so much more for you to see in our great state of Texas. Luv you.

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