It’s Amazing To See Where A Few Seconds Can Take You…


10 seconds: see the sparkling waters of Puget Sound. 20 seconds: Mt. Rainier becomes a huge snow cone. 30 seconds: skyscrapers appear like giant Legos. 41 seconds: you’re up saying “Ohhhhhhhh” on the O Deck. Get your pointing finger ready! Every degree of the O Deck’s 360-degree view commands your attention. Snow-capped Mt. Rainier to the south and the Cascade Mountains to the east, the majestic Olympics to the west.

The cute girl in the pink hat…Meet Susan from Boston, my roommate for the Chic Photography Retreat.  You have to check out her cute new bracelets she is wearing. She had just bought all of them at the Pikes Market Center. For the curious minds, every bracelet has a different saying…Be The Change You Wish To Be…Believe…Carpe Noctem and Listen To Your Heart.


This view…just blew me away! Everything a person could want is lying right here in front of us. The mountains even had their perfect sprinkling of snow on the ridges. Seriously? So this just doesn’t exist in the movies?♥

Can you believed it all started on a place-mat?

In 1959, an unlikely artist inspired by the Stuttgart Tower in Germany was sketching his vision of a dominant central structure for the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair on a place-mat in a coffee house. The artist was Edward E. Carlson, then president of Western International Hotels. His space-age image was to be the focus of the futuristic World’s Fair in Seattle, whose theme would be Century 21. Carlson penciled the shape that would become the internationally known symbol for Seattle, the Space Needle.


After we were all done drooling over the fabulous city of Seattle…Susan surprised me and had reserved a spot for lunch up in the Sky City Restaurant!

Can I tell you this was just a little piece of heaven? They created the perfect dining experience and you get to rotate 360 degrees to boot! We just had great girlfriend conversation, drinks and a delicious meal. It will be a time I will never forget.

Tip of the Day For Bloggers/Photographers:

Learn to change the active focus point on your camera!

I recommend using a single autofocus point rather than allowing the camera to choose several points.

Instead of using the center focus point and having to recompose…

Sit down for a minute with your camera manual and learn to change the focus point, then you will likely get a much larger percentage of your shots in focus.

This has changed my photography…give it a try.

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49 thoughts on “It’s Amazing To See Where A Few Seconds Can Take You…

  1. Great tip Laurie! Since I’m a newbie..I really need to take some time to learn these tips and tricks about my camera! Isn’t it sooo beautiful here! I just love it..wouldn’t move anywhere else. BUT we do get our share of rain..drip..drip..drip.. LOL

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  4. What great views of a fine city! I can tell you had a fabulous time! I love your friend’s bracelets. Cool idea! I’m glad you enjoyed your time in Seattle!

  5. What a beautiful city! This view looks amazing and I hope a get to visit someday. Yay for your roomie booking a nice place! Fun girl time!

  6. Wow, Laurie…YOU stopped by my blog and commented? I’m honored…Your beautiful and amazing…Love your photography…I’ll be seeing you around…LORD bless!

    • Not at this time..sorry! I am having trouble just keeping up with full time work, blog, photography, facebook and pinterest. I have thought about twitter…if I do…I will let you know.Thanks for the comments appreciate them so.

  7. Super birds eye view of Seattle .. I never really knew what it was like .. just imagine the skyscrapers Lol
    Sounds like you did have a good time Laurie 🙂

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