The Market Gum Wall In Seattle….Eeeeew!


The Market Theater Gum Wall is a local landmark in downtown Seattle, in Post Alley under Pike Place Market. The Market Theater Gum Wall is a brick alleyway wall now covered in used chewing gum. Parts of the wall are covered several inches thick, 15 feet high for 50 feet. These beautiful women are some of our teachers at the Chic Photography Retreat in front of the gum wall.


The wall is by the box office for the Market Theater, and the tradition began around 1993 when patrons of Unexpected Productions‘ Seattle Theatresports stuck gum to the wall and placed coins in the gum blobs.Theater workers scraped the gum away twice, but eventually gave up after market officials deemed the gum wall a tourist attraction around 1999. Some people create small works of art out of gum.


It was named one of the top 5 germiest tourist attractions in 2009, second to the Blarney Stone. Germy or not…this was SO COOL! It is the location of the start of a ghost tour, and it is a popular site with wedding photographers. I can tell you if I lived here, you better believe I would be shooting some of my portrait photography here. Well, why many were just talking about the germs here…all I could see was beautiful art my friend. Scroll up and look at the first photo again…see how it made for a fun backdrop.


A scene for the 2009 Jennifer Aniston film Love Happens was shot at the wall in 2008. So on my to do list is… to watch this movie again, and find the gum wall scene.


My favorite part was the gum “icicles” hanging down from the window sills.

Here is the address for any of you who would like to look it up the next time you go to Seattle…1428 Post Alley, Seattle, WA 98101. It’s located down the staircase from the Flying Fisherman/Pig statue. Walk down Post Alley and viola – the infamous gum wall!

Remember don’t forget your bubble gum and hand sanitizer…oh to be on the safe side a dose of zinc to ward of any viruses…smile.

Tip of the Day for Bloggers/Photographers:

Bloggers always want to know WHAT to Post?

Here is an idea that I use that works well…I have what I call the “Blog Bible.”  It is a 5 x 7, 3 ring notebook with different labeled sections. One for quotes, poems, post ideas, blogs I love, bucket list, to be honest…it goes on forever☺ BUT I never let this leave the home! It is too precious to me to get lost or stolen. So with that said, I also carry a small little notepad in my purse for the ideas that I see and come to me when I am out and about. When I get home, I just tear the page out and tape it in my Blog Bible.  So with that said…

Try keeping a notebook with you at all times for jotting down ideas or recording thoughts into the memo section of your smartphone when they pop into your head.

By having a place to store these lightbulb aha moments, you’ll be less likely to have the dreaded bloggers block!

I would love to hear you “TAKE” on the gum wall! Do you find it disgusting or can you see the beauty in it?


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75 thoughts on “The Market Gum Wall In Seattle….Eeeeew!

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  3. Cool but icky!

    At least it’s a lot more charming than the gum I am forever stepping on and getting all over the bottom of my shoes!

    I’ve never seen this, but I think I would actually enjoy it.

    Does it smell ‘minty fresh’?


    Thanks for a fun little link to wrap up this round of Alphabe-Thursday!

    It’s always fun to visit your zest-filled posts!


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  5. Who woulda’ thought!!! Gum as art. I love it. It’s fun, creative, colorful, and oh so different. You come up with the best art photos, Laurie. The young women in the first photo are beautiful and look like they’re having a great time.

  6. I don’t know whether to be fascinated or repulsed. What an incredible display of chew. Of course, you could look under the table in any diner and find a mini-display of similar product. Have a blessed Ruby Tuesday.

  7. Are you sure you weren’t at ‘super model academy’? Wow, what a cute group. I had to zoom past the gum photo’s because I have a very quick gag reflex, eeeeeck.

  8. Thanks for your comments about your blogging bible. I really do need to be more conscientious about making notes of ideas as they occur to me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought “this would make a great post” and later not being able to recall what it was. I doubt I will start carrying a paper notepad with me, but the e-version on my phone might be just the ticket.

    As for the gum wall, I agree with you…ewww!

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  10. This came at the perfect time! Being back home & traveling again I get home with photos & think I should have jotted it down. Keeping notebooks I’m horrible at but the idea of a little 3 ring binder to put the scraps and ideas into frees me from the worry of a dedicated book with me. I have napkins and receipts that have the notes. I never thought to put it together for an idea binder.
    And eww on the gum wall, I’ve seen one in Europe – trying to remember where it was it makes you feel a bit ill walking through it, but it IS an awesome backdrop! 😉

  11. This is really weird but really cool too! LOL! Lovely photo of the sweet ladies! Always fun finding something new to talk about! Thanks for sharing! I also love oyur blog bible idea! I have a similar one here in my house somewhere! LOL!

  12. Art comes in various forms. The question: Is this art? Regardless, it’s part human ingenuity, part defiance, part creativity, and much more. One thing is for sure, Seattle seems the appropriate city for such a display.

  13. What beautiful photos … I am always trying to find interesting topics to blog about, and it’s funny, cause I would never even think to jot my thoughts down.

    And as far as the gum wall — colours are nice, but kind of gross too. Ha!

  14. I had never Heard of this…And I could never imagine such a thing will transform itself in art!!!! Thanks a lot for sharing it!!! You always post incredible things!!!

  15. Hello Laurie! I can see the beauty in the gum wall. I like how colorful it is. I ran across your blog on the linkin-with-my-ladies-thursday-hop! I’m glad I did! I am following you. Please visit my blog and follow me. If you enjoy my post, please “Like” or leave a comment. I appreciate the support.

    Thank you,


  16. I’ve heard of this gum wall several times before too, but never seen it. Looks like a really interesting concept, as soon as you get past the “ewww” part. Haha! It’ll definitely work great as a backdrop for portraits, and probably a great conversation starter too.

    Love the shots, Laurie, especially the portrait one.

  17. Well..even though I’m from Seattle..I think it’s GROSS…YUK! I’ve never actually seen it except in pics and I have no interest in seeing it..for some reason the thought kinda makes my stomach feel YUCKY..LOL Great pics though I know exactly what it looks like..HA!!

  18. I like your idea of taking a notebook with you all the time. I do the same for photo ideas or places to visit. But, my notebook is always safe at home and I send emails to myself and copy it in the evening.
    Regarding the place your introduced to us, i’d be a tortour for me to visit it: I hate the smell of chewing gum.
    Btw. In Frbruary 2012 I was in Paris and visited one of the cemetries, when I passed the grave of Jim Morrison, where also lots of chewing gums were stick at i.e. The trees. Some were stuck in the shape of a heart. Even there were many, they were less then in your photos.
    Thanks for sharing

  19. So, So Cool! Pinning this to remember for any future Seattle trips! Love the creativity and it definitely is a great photo backdrop!
    I like your blog bible. I do something similar — I use Microsoft One Note which can have several different “notebooks” and “binders”. I keep different tabs for the various aspects of the blog — and of course keep it all backed up on an external hard drive. And like you I keep a little pad with me at all times for whenever inspiration hits. 🙂

  20. Being a photographer, I always look at the background “first” when looking at a photo. I loved the gum wall for a backdrop, not matter how eeeewie it is, it made a great focal background. Great job!

  21. This is probably the most “interesting” form of artwork I’ve ever seen! Isn’t it just like you to capture it and share it with us!

  22. Just a few months ago I saw photos of this. It is interesting but just gross in my opinion.

    Did you see this post on WordPress regarding photography blogs? I didn’t list you in my comments because I wasn’t sure if you would be interested, but let me know if you would like me to. Or you could always just put yourself in 🙂


  23. I didn’t see this on my past visits to Pike Market and I think it is interesting for sure. In visiting some of their beaches I did see all the little arrangements people had left made out of small rocks which amazed me. Creative part of the country for sure.

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