DIY…Diamond Pattern Wall With Thumbtack Border

diamond-argyle-painted-wallDiamonds can be everyone’s best friend. A diamond pattern on either an accent wall or in the entire room can be fun and casual or elegant and trés French. While it necessitates careful taping, this technique can add an incredible “ wow” factor to a bedroom, hallway, vestibule or dining room. To achieve this effect, you apply the lighter color base coat, then create a tape grid of diamonds, filling some in with either a contrasting color or another finish in the same color as the base. My oldest daughter decided to try this method in her new master bedroom. You know the saying, “They Do Everything Big In Texas!”diamond-pattern-design-wallthumbtack-close-up-on-wallsTrimming out your furniture, walls, and decorative accessories with thumbtacks is a fun way to add a trendy update to your furnishings.

All you need is a hammer, some thumbtacks, and a tape measure.

The key to getting a professional look is to space the thumbtacks at even intervals. Pin a tape measure along the line where you want to add the nail heads. Space the tacks to touch or keep a space in-between each one. You can create many different looks with how you decide to space them. light-teal-pillow-collectio
I would like your attention to the adorable fringed middle pillow. Do you see the pineapple pattern on it? Now who do you think would buy her something like that? LOL! Yes, her mama here. You have to spread the tropics everywhere you go right? Don’t you just love how the light flows into this room…beautiful. IT even reflects right onto the diamond wall! thumbtack-edging-around-patternthumbtack-border-around-pai

Tip of the Day…for bloggers/photographers.
Quality over Quantity

Isn’t it nice when you look at a blog where all the images are the same size? … and it should be an aesthetically pleasing place for your readers to come and be inspired.

Your blog images should be, at a minimum, 400 pixels in width. You can use a larger size for your width, of course, but never smaller than 400px. This minimum width ensures that users will be able to view your blog images without them appearing grainy or just too small to see. The size of your images will depend largely upon the width of your content on your site. On this blog, I am able to use 1024 pixels. This is a very large platform, but after all it is a photography blog.

In my opinion…I would rather see only two photos re-sized to the same width, than six that are all over the place in different sizes. More is NOT better if they are not weighted the same on your post. It yells out amateur big time and will turn off many readers. I have to confess…when I see this…my nose wrinkles up. You might be thinking but my blog isn’t about photography, that might be true.Whatever your theme is about, it takes visuals to make your point, whether it is poetry, writing, sports, food etc.

I relate it to a writer penning a book, one page is in Times New Roman, font size 12 and the next page, the font size is 4! Your eyes would be squinting and now YOUR nose is wrinkled up☺

Here are two FREE software programs that will help you re-size your images…Gimp and PicMonkey.

Cheers to making our images NOT about quantity but better quality on our blogs and social media!

Did you enjoy the bedroom makeover? It was something different that you just don’t see everyday.

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Hope Your Week Will Be Designed Perfect Just For YOU!

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59 thoughts on “DIY…Diamond Pattern Wall With Thumbtack Border

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  2. Love this! I am just stopping by to let you know I am featuring your wall tomorrow! Thanks so much for linking up to Made in a Day last week!

  3. Thank you so much for linking to my brand new party and for sharing my button/link in your link party list. You’ve been featured! Please stop by, check it out, and grab a ‘I was featured’ button!


  4. Gosh, I love the idea of painting diamonds on the wall like this. As far as the photos, I am guilty of using different sizes,and some pretty small sizes, in the same post. I sort of like it though…it reminds me of my writing teacher telling us to vary the length of our sentences within a paragraph. Which I guess is a completely different way of looking at it…so I will need to think about this some more!

  5. This is SO cute! Love it! I’d love for you to link up in my very first linky party {ya, ya…I’m a bit behind the times apparently} that started today.


  6. Very cool idea!

    Personally, I like to visit blogs with photos that have different sizes and shapes as I believe it adds interest. But I guess we all have different tastes. I do like the photos to be at least 400 wide, though. However when photos are too large I feel like the blogger is too much “in my face.” Yours are great. :)

  7. Beautiful! This is awesome, and rather otherworldly to a person whose idea of decorating consists of hanging posters on the walls and trying to keep most of my crap off the floor. I love it. (but my bedroom will probably never look like this :) )

  8. Wow, this wall treatment is gorgeous. The blended colors are beautiful. Good job. The small fringed pillow is the perfect touch. Smile. I painted gold and bronze stripes in my bedroom. I love it and it was a beautiful look but so much work. I love the tacks for a rich look. Nice job. Thanks for the tips.
    xo, Jeanne

  9. You girls are so creative! I like the idea and agree with Carol – it makes me want to paint!
    Also, loving the blogging, photos, and photo tips – you are able to include all of this so seamlessly in your stories. Nice job! In a few weeks, I need a business card designed – want to give it a whirl? You’re hired!!

  10. Those touches of soft blue pop. I love the paint job, and I realize that it took a great deal of time and patience to get it done.

    Have a good Blue Monday, Laurie.

  11. enjoying your tips! I use Microsoft Paint to resize my photos to the 500-600 range. Also, the bedroom is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Good point on the photo size. I have wrestled with this on and off and am guilty of placing odd sizes mixed on my site. It does look gaudy. I have been trying to change things like this lately. Be well!

  13. I agree about the size of pictures. I do wish that some would post larger pictures … having said that, mine are not always the same size … hmmm

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