Seriously, How Fab Is This?


What MORE do you need today? Smile…

I found these beauties in Houston, Texas…

Have a great weekend!

Now lets move on to our tip of the day…

Tip of the day for bloggers/photographers:

  • When using typography on your images, it is very important to mix it up a little. Avoid anything similar to each other. Therefore, use two or three different styles of fonts to add dimension.
  • Unify the fonts, with color and or style.
  • Pay attention to where YOU want to draw attention. Did you notice, I emphasized YES more than the word please?
  • When typing an entire document, stay neutral in the body.
  • Last, but not least…there really are not any rules but the one that pleases YOU. Try, and try a lot of different fonts till the recipe makes you smile.
  • One of the most generous font builders…Kevin and Amanda! They have built their font collection to download for FREE, most of them anyway in most cases. I am directing you to one of my favorite doodles from this beautiful couple. It is called…Pea Dawn’s Doodles Too. Wait till you see this grouping of words to use on your photos…examples: Be Still My Heart, Save the Date, Thinking of You and so many more.

I hope you find a little sweetness today!

Leave some love…It’s Valentines Weekend!

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50 thoughts on “Seriously, How Fab Is This?

  1. Hey, thanks so much for stoppin’ by my blog! I know it’s been a long time! It’s been crazy over here. I hope to be blogging at least a couple times a week assuming I have pictures to post :o) Thanks for this post! Great tips and I stopped on over at both sites. Love those fonts; I just had to download them!

  2. Happy VDay! I love your tips and I am huge fan of the fonts from Kevin and Amanda, but I am not familiar with the one you linked to so now I’m off to get it!

  3. Looks like you switched themes to Nishita. It is one of my favorites, but I am using Modularity Lite now because it allows post formats.

  4. Lovely photo of those yummy cookies and perfect for Valentine’s Day!
    I love adding text and quotes to photos but I seriously never thought of more than one font at a time – cool idea.

  5. Happy Valentine’s friend! These cookies look great! Great tips here too. I like the series you are doing. I tried to email you yesterday, but it came back undeliverable. Something about your server.

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