Little Miss Shines Through It All…


We are just a LITTLE late in producing “Little Miss’s” One Year old photo shoot. Smile…

Every weekend, one of the three of us (Mommy, Baby or Grammie) was sick…sigh.

Finally, on Easter…we decide now or never.

Just one problem, Little Miss comes down with double ear infection and her 12 month old molars trying to come through!

Let’s just say, She wasn‘t in a good mood!

I tell my daughter, “This is NOT going to work!”

She says, “WE ARE DOING IT!”

I reply, “Oh, Boy!”…


She was a cranky little thing!

BUT, when Mommy pulled out the Easter Eggs…we had a change of heart.

Well, these are fun…


HerΒ mommy stands her up to the chair…she starts crying immediately.

She HATES the grass!

“You expect me to stand on this green stuff?” Eeew….

“I don’t want my toes touching this!”


WeΒ tell her how silly she is…and Grammie starts acting goofy!


Ahh, much better…I don’t have to touch any more of that grass!

Look, her toes are STILL curled from it.


I think we were ALL grateful for the session to be over with.

Little Miss is even clapping her hands and rejoicing.

Today, we hit a milestone!

Our dog Dalton, goes crazy when Tarzan comes home after work!

He is like a crazy person…literally!

But, today when he started his antics…Little Miss, whips her head toward the window and says,

“PAPAW!” Clear as day….

Holy Moses, I about fell off the couch!

“Yes, Marisa…Papaw is home!”

Some of us, learn lessons easier than others. Sigh…

For me, it was a long time coming to accept that,

“The little things in life…ARE THE BIG THINGS!”

I am SO grateful, that my eyes have been opened…

What about you? Can you see the blessings all around you?

Stay Grateful,


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84 thoughts on “Little Miss Shines Through It All…

  1. Hello Laurie! Your granddaughter looks cuter every time I see her. She’s adorable. You and your daughter did a great job getting her to pose and cooperate with the photo shoot. I can’t tell she’s teething or has an ear infection (poor thing). I’m glad you’re feeling better. Needless to say, the pictures are gorgeous. ❀

  2. Laurie, I just have to say that if she was grumpy, she must be a happy grump πŸ™‚
    Seriously though, nicely done! She is precious! I love her little toes all curled up.
    Happy Birthday little Miss.

  3. Be still my heart! She is absolutely precious … she definitely has an abundant amount of ‘adorability’!! πŸ™‚ You did an amazing job on her 1st year photo session in spite of the ‘mood’ of the day, Laurie! She looked so happy in these images! πŸ˜€

    Sigh*, yes, it’s been too long since I’ve been by for a visit, or been out with my camera, or sharing online. I certainly have missed it, but sometimes the circumstances of life will lead you in a different direction for a season, or longer!! I see there’s been more blessings showered on you since I was here last! I’m hoping to be around more often in order to keep up and share, now that spring has sprung, or so they say, as there is still quite a chill in the air here in our area. My hubby has encouraged me to dust off my camera, and again, to get about doing what I’ve always loved doing. I feel less confident in my ability, though. I’ve lost quite a bit since I laid it down, so I know I need oodles of practice!! I also need to familiarize myself with this ‘new’ format on WP! Lots to do, but I have hope that I, slowly but surely, will eventually get there! I also want to thank you for dropping in for a visit on my recent post, as well! Hope you have a wonderful day/weekend, my friend! πŸ™‚

  4. It looks like you were able to capture her cute personality great pictures. I am behind as well on grandkids pics as well. Hopefully were doing Andrews 5 year pictures tomorrow. The girls 2 year ones next week.

  5. Oh Laurie, what a beautiful One Year session with Little Miss! I LOVE the one with her toes not wanting to touch the grass. She is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing these. And enjoy the next year with her.

  6. That is a fact Laurie. The little things in life is the big things. πŸ˜€

    She is totally adorable and you’ve captured her so well! I can’t sit on grass either. It makes me itch and I always have to force myself to walk on it, because it’s so good to walk barefoot on lovely, wet, green grass. I do prefer to walk in puddles of water though. Much more fun. πŸ˜†

    The third photo is my absolute favourite! She is such a little lady! I would just hug her up and I’m guessing you do that all the time. πŸ˜€

    I am sure Papaw enjoyed it so much that she said his name. They grow up so quickly and one of these days she is going to chat like crazy.

    Thanks for sharing these gorgeous shots of your gorgeous little granddaughter sweets and wish her a Happy belated first birthday from me. β™₯

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