Testing The Waters…


Let’s, take a look at Little Man’s first swim class! Shall we?…

A little trepidation as we walk in the first time…


She is explaining to him…he is to hold his breath and go under the water.


He uses all the courage he can, and down he goes…


As you can see, the instructor is very happy with his first attempt!

I don’t think the other teacher, was having as much luck…smile.


The next item on the agenda, sitting on the ledge and jumping off into the water.

Look, at the intensity on his face.


Off he goes…


Learning how to float and RELAX….


He makes it to the other side! Another smile from the instructor.

But, not all was peaches and cream.

The second lesson, he was sitting on the step and reached out to grab a ring.

He falls off the step and does a somersault under water and is stuck upside down!

The instructors, WERE NOT PAYING ATTENTION, so I jump out of my seat, and start pointing to him furiously!

Finally, they see me and go rescue him. SIGH!!

His parents question him after the lesson, “What happened, to make you fall into the water?”

He says, “A BIG WAVE got me!”

Out of the mouth of babes….

I hope you enjoyed his swimming escapade.



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33 thoughts on “Testing The Waters…

  1. He is such a brave little lad and the ‘lesson’ captures were absolutely stunning Laurie. They grow up so quickly, don’t they? He is still as adorable as ever! πŸ˜€ β™₯

  2. I know there isn’t a parenting handbook, but if there was there would need to be a chapter on swimming lessons for young children. It is a must. Now, we all know why grandparents attend swimming lessons – to save the handsome guy when that wave crashes onto him. πŸ™‚

  3. Your Little Man is quite game, isn’t he? Even when nervous, he always seems to go for the challenge.
    Hope you are enjoying this day, Laurie!

  4. Adorable and he is quite the little fish! Good thing you were there to watch over him though..I certainly wouldn’t put much trust into those instructors 😦

  5. That was so cool that he does not afraid of water at all!!! Jump in, go under (intentionally or unintentionally) does not seem to bother him (last answer was so cute and the sure sign that he likes the water)!

  6. A clever courageous boy. He is doing so well. Of course all staff love him and smile at him. He is just gorgeous Laurie! ( My boys screamed the first 3 lessons….. it was quite embarrassing.)

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