Ahna and Her Furry Friends…


Ahna has a lot of furry friends….stuffed and alive! She loves them all! Hope you enjoy…




Mason is on the right of Ahna. He LOVES her to pieces, as you will see in the next picture. Madison, the Yorkshire Terrier still thinks the world is all about her, even with the new arrival on board. The scene that came after this photo was, her bringing a toy to Ahna, expecting Ahna to throw it to her. Hilarious.


He is a GENTLE soul. Mommy and Daddy have raised him right. He is VERY excited that he has a new playmate. He is always wanting to give her kisses. She braces herself when she see’s him coming. So funny to watch. Look how gentle he is being with licking her little hand.



Mommy never takes her eyes off of Ahna! She is always looking at her miracle! I think she still can’t believe she has been blessed with such a sweet girl.


When you have more than one subject in your photo, the subjects should be connected to each other emotionally. This is what takes a photo from mediocre to great!

These sweet images of Ahna will be the last for awhile. We won’t see them again till October…sigh.

So hard to be far away from family isn’t it?




46 thoughts on “Ahna and Her Furry Friends…

  1. Awwwww what a cutie. And what great photos. And I agree, much too far. I go through that with some grandkids too so know the feeling well.

  2. Beautiful!!!!
    And you are very right with your tip…Sometimes we do not think about it, but emotions, love, sadness…Everything is catched by the camera….

  3. Just love the precious photos of Ahna and especially with Mason and how good he is with her. Great pictures and something to cherish as you wait for October to come around!

  4. So precious. When our son was newborn, our dog wasn’t quite sure what to make of him. Once he started munching on cheerios, the dog thought this new little thing was the best as it was her job to keep the floor clean – best buds sharing cheerios 🙂

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