Yellow Is Her Color!…


Oh, can I tell you how much I LOVE Little Miss in Yellow?

Her dark complexion and hair, radiates with this magnificent color, wouldn’t you say?

She is in her swing, and looking at her mobile go around and around.

Her eyes are just full of wonder…


Now on to the other baby in the home…

Our furry friend LOVES to play “Hide in Go Seek” with his parents, much to our dismay!

When it is time for us to leave the home, he runs off to hide. Sigh…

He thinks this is all fun and games…but we DON’T!

He is VERY good at this playtime of his, and his parents sometimes can’t find him. Another sigh…

This week, he came up with a good one. So much so, that when Tarzan FINALLY could find him, he came running to me in the back of the house saying, “You have to go and get your camera!

He has found a different spot this time!”

I retrieve my camera and come around the corner and snap this shot. Then we both start laughing very hard. He still doesn’t move, (thinking we still can’t see him.)

It really is precious and we try not to get mad at him, but sometimes we have an appointment and are in a huge hurry…and at those times we are not amused.

But you have to love their antics don’t you?

Hope this brought a smile to your face.

Happy 4th to all of my American friends!







25 thoughts on “Yellow Is Her Color!…

  1. Yes, yellow is her color and love the wonder on her face. I am smiling at the creative hide and seek that your dog finds to hide πŸ™‚ Happy 4th of July to you and your family, also.

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