Battleship Texas with Little Man…


We decided to have a one more family outing before Marisa was born! Yes, I am a little behind in my photos…smile.

We voted on visiting San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site and the Battleship Texas!

The Battleship Texas, commissioned in 1914, is the only surviving battleship to have served in both world wars and is the last surviving dreadnought. The ship served as a flagship for the D-Day invasion of Normandy and earned seven ribbons for her service during World War II.


One of the joys of visiting this ship was experiencing what life was like for thousands of American sailors and Marines. You were able to walk around the ship at your own pace and not be bothered by tour guides etc.


It was a great experience with Little Man! His eyes were as big as saucers!



One of the cute moments was him trying to climb on everything before Daddy could say no! You can see his face as he climbs up the stairs real quick, turns back to his father to see what his reaction is going to be. Adorable…



As we were standing on the Battleship Texas, you could view the San Jacinto Monument! Glorious, rising 567 feet above the battleground, the San Jacinto Monument honors all those who fought for Texas independence.

On April 21, 1836, Texas won its independence when an outnumbered Texan Army heroically defeated Mexican forces on the plains of San Jacinto.

Built for the battle’s centennial in 1936, the Monument remains the world’s tallest memorial stone column.

The San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site covers over 1200 acres of green space.



We couldn’t get Little Man off of these artillery machines! He loved them! He could turn the wheel and make the battery guns rotate. He did this over and over! As you can see, Mama is getting very tired and needed to sit down. (On a side note, Marisa was born just a couple of days after our visit here!)


Little Man loved the Battleship, it was a great day for everyone!

Have you heard of or seen the Battleship Texas?

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I have been posting adorable pictures of the grandkids. Yesterday, I posted Little Mans T-Ball game.

IF you can just imagine, he is QUITE a bit smaller than the other children. What a riot!


36 thoughts on “Battleship Texas with Little Man…

  1. That full shot of the ship is great. I served on USS Constellation which was based in San Diego. Now it sits decommissioned in Brownsville TX where the Navy’s decided on scrapping it. It would have been nice to have it salvaged and turned into a museum; unfortunately not. It’s wonderful, though, to see photos like these πŸ™‚

  2. Have I said it before… he’s adorable!! Love the mischief on his face when he tests the waters on what is doable and what not πŸ™‚

  3. wonderful!
    My father was an officer in the Navy and my sisters and I loved visiting and exploring whatever ship he was on.
    What a fun outing for the family

  4. These are two great places to learn about our history and a great way to imprint a child. It must have been a great day as the shots were spectacular! What fun for every one. Here in Corpus Christi we have the USS Lexington which is actually a museum and open for self-guided tours and overnight stays. My parents took me to the Battleship Texas and San Jacinto Monument as a child and I took my children there. It looked as if Little Man enjoyed it!

  5. It’s outings like these that make childhood so memorable – you guys are definitely making wonderful memories for lil man and I do like the pics on IG.

  6. What a fantastic experience! Getting to walk around the ship and have the time to take in everything that is around you. Little Man looks to be having the time of his life on your family excursions 😊

  7. Little Man looks in his element πŸ˜‰ I can imagine his feet didn’t stop running and exploring this great Battleship Laurie !
    As you say it ‘s fascinating looking at the living quarters and behind the scenes of such ships . The kitchen galleys are usually so compact in relation to what surely must be a culinary challenge not many would want to take up !

  8. Well, good grief, Laurie, you’re not far away at all! I love this post because I grew up right down the road from these two beauties, in Deer Park. I feel blessed to have so many memories of exploring them while I was growing up and then later with my kids. I don’t get back to Houston much since my mom lives near me, but when I do, we’ll have to get together! On a side note, one of my clients lives in Sugar Land!

  9. I can understand the little man well that he did not want to get off the machine. I love big machinery as such (batle ships, planes etc.). It would be hard for me to not drawn into these things as well.

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