9 Photography/Blogging Books To Put On Your Wishlist…


Today, I want to share with you some of the wonderful books I have added to my library over the last couple of years. My love for books and reading knows…NO bounds…believe you me! My husband can testify to this sometimes to his dismay♥ These books I have collected have one common theme, blogging and/or photography. Are you surprised? I want to thank my family and friends who have added to this beautiful collection for special occasions in my life. At the bottom of this post, you will find my latest 9 books that you see here on this post.


It all started years ago, when I started participating in online education. In every course I subscribed to, there was always a great book or two they recommended. Therefore, the book shopping started…and the library grew and grew….with many late nights of reading. The enjoyment I have had, taking this journey throughout these books has been amazing. When bloggers or photographers share something that is deeper than words, something intimate, something significant about who they are and what they care about. This to me, speaks JOY!


You are probably wondering how our furry friend Dalton, commonly referred to as “Bossy Boy” made it into this post. Well, lets just say, the hubster is not the only one who does not like this lady to read late at night. When the books are brought out and the reading begins, this stinker goes into action. I am propped up in bed, he begins his routine of climbing on top of me and starts to swat at the book over and over!! It does not matter, how many times he gets disciplined….to him his recourse is worth it. Seriously, 9 years of this routine, you would think ONE of us would get a clue!

Here are the latest 9 books in my library for bloggers/photographers:

  1. Blog Inc. – Blogging for Passion, Profit, and to Create Community. By: Joy Deangdeelert Cho
  2. The Huffington Post – Complete Guide to Blogging. By: Editors of The Huffington Post
  3. The Creative Photographer – Focus on the creative, rather than technical side of photography. By: Catherine Anderson
  4. Food Photography for Bloggers – Focus on the Fundamentals. By: Matt Armendariz
  5. Decorate Workshop – Design and Style Your Space in 8 Creative Steps. By: Holly Becker
  6. Plate to Pixel – Digital Food Photography & Styling. By Helene Dujardin
  7. Blogging for Bliss – Crafting Your Own Online Journal. By Tara Frey
  8. Food Photography – From Snapshots to Great Shots. By Nicole S. Young
  9. Start Your Own Blogging Business – Generate Income from Advertisers, Subscribers, Merchandising. By Jason Rich

I think you will find the best prices through Amazon…most of the time the bookstores don’t even carry books on blogging.

As I started out with this post…

Do What You Love…Love What You Do!

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87 thoughts on “9 Photography/Blogging Books To Put On Your Wishlist…

  1. D’you know Laurie, I’d never even thought about books on blogging! A couple of them do look interesting. Trouble is, the more I blog, the less time I have to read. I’m off to the bath with my book right now! 🙂

  2. Animals are such characters. My cat does the same thing when I’m writing…or paying bills…or talking on the phone…or working on the computer. It’s all about her, as far as she is concerned, haha.

  3. can you recommend just one of those blogging books over another? I am on a budget–but as an avid DIY and perpetual student–I must have at least one!! And you should see my bookshelf, lo, these many years later. Prolly 50 books about the craft of writing–and that isn’t counting my return to college (briefly). Books are the best!! You can teach yourself practically anything through them. 🙂

  4. Oh Laurie … I’m sure our house is positively groaning under the weight of books here … and I have so mnay on my TBR list … BUT .. you are such a temptress … blogging photography .. eyecandy … *swoon*

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  6. Laurie, your “puppy” is adorable! I didn’t realize there were books on blogging: time to check my local library. I learn something new each time I visit your blog – thank you!

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  7. Excellent Post! I think I’ll look at Blogging for Bliss and Food Photography. Thanks for the Amazon recommendation. I usually love to haunt the independent bookstores but Amazon often provides the books that other sources don’t have.

  8. I could not agree more with this “Do What You Love…Love What You Do!” If you don’t LOVE it you will never make a success of it


  9. Excellent post Laurie. I will definitely check out these books. So funny…when I get into bed to read my Cavalier, Brady…does the exact same thing. That’s when he wants his ears scratched and I have no choice but to put down the book 🙂 They are bossy aren’t they!

  10. Thank you for all the book recommendations! Oh – you never get too many books, do you … The Creative Photographer looks very temting, another one would be Blogging for Bliss – If you we’re me, which one you’d pick up first? And I love the pictures – both the heart and your cute god!

    • They were BOTH good, one focused on being creative with your photos and the other one her book which is filled with practical information and visual inspiration on how to create an artful blog. So the question would be at this time, which one is more important to YOU?

  11. This is an awesome post, Laurie! You have quite the collection of books there. I may pick up a few of these too.
    Love the photos, by the way. That photo of Dalton is just too cute! I wish mine would allow me to get a decent shot like that too.

  12. I have that Bliss book too, it was really inspiring. I also love Artful Blogging, beautiful photos and great stories. Your little stinker is not alone, LOL Blossum is relentless. I’ve learned to type with a cat hanging on my forearm…LOL.

  13. I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s that amazing feeling when you’re reading something you’d never thought of before – the joy of exploring into new territory as a blogger, writer, or photographer – and the fact that another blogger helped you do so, helped you expand your imagination. It is a blessing. Wishing you a marvelous week.

    Allie @ Framed by God

  14. When I started blogging over a year ago, all I wanted to do was share my love of photography. I had no former training, only on 6 week photoshop class. I knew nothing about blogging. I appreciate your tips and love that you have shared some books to read. Thank You!


    • Francine, it is amazing how fast you do learn, once you put the metal to the pedal. Through the months, you start picking up little things and by the end of the year, your writing and photography is so much better. Learning is one of God’s Gifts I believe♥ Thank you for coming here and being a friend…I so appreciate it. Blessings to you too my friend.

  15. Would love to read those books, especially the two about food photography. Did you learn much from them? Haven’t read non of the books on your list.
    Would also like to read a book about doing artistic photos in photoshop. Gonna buy one when I can afford.
    Have a nice day and say hello from me to your gorgeous dog 🙂

  16. Dogs are too funny! I love it. Thanks for this post, I feel like you wrote it for me! I have an amazing library that is sitting in storage until we get a bigger place but if I can download any of these then I’m so there!

  17. My favorite of your list is “Artful Blogging”, Laurie. So many good examples of creative bloggers’ work, plus practical know how for beginning blogger. Also have the Huff Post book which was useful when just getting started. I’m just getting serious about photography so am ordering “Creative Photographer” when sign off here. Are you familiar with the Somerset Studio magazine, “Artful Blogging?” It’s pricey, but so worth it. I save back issues for reference.

    So excited to find your site and I’ll be back to learn more from you. And to say hey to Dalton!

  18. Good morning, Laurie, great photographs, Dalton doesn’t look mischievous in that last photo, but a cute puppy 🙂

  19. hi Laurie, thanks for the book titles, I look forward to checking them out. I think that’s hilarious about your sweet furry friend, I had a shih tzu that used to come whine in my studio around 3 pm everyday, like he was saying enough painting! Come sit on the couch with me! Oh and my hubs doesn’t like it when I read either because I won’t talk to him! Thanks again for the tips, have a super week!

  20. Stunning shots as usual Laurie and Dalton is absolutely adorable!!!! You still don’t know why he does that? Well, let me tell you, he wants you to read him a story of course. 😀 You take such amazing shots hon. Love them all and thanks for sharing. *hugs*

  21. Laurie,
    Dalton is so cute, how funny! Thank you for the book suggestions, I was going to get a new blogging book yesterday and didn’t get a chance. Now I have some ideas.
    Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

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