The Ocean Stirs The Heart…





Tip of the Day for Bloggers/Photographers:

Try YouTube For Online Learning!

You can learn to do just about anything through YouTube.

No time for taking classes? Then just watch a 5-minute video and you’re good to go.

Type in the search bar what you would like to educate yourself on.

I typed in “Newborn Photography Poses” and here is one of the many videos that pops up.

Newborn Photography Posing (Behind the Scene)Β – MsNewbornPhotography – 364,551 Subscribed

Since I enjoyed this video, I then subscribed to her channel. When I return, this channel will be on my YouTube page to enjoy.Β All the past and future videos will show up in my feed.Β I will then be able to view them at my leisure and not have to search for them.

Try these educational videos…the future of mobile learning.

Never Stop Learning My Friends!

Well Friday is finally here…

Our weather forecast for the next couple of days…rain, rain and more rain. Tropical Storm Andrea…sigh.

I guess this calls for a movie marathon weekend. How about you?

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51 thoughts on “The Ocean Stirs The Heart…

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  3. Your pictures of the driftwood are amazing and really make me miss my beach. Thanks for the great ideas also! πŸ˜€

  4. Great images of that beautiful driftwood, and thanks for the reminder about youtube…I have used it for other things but never thought about it for photography info.

  5. Love pale sea washed wood … so nice Laurie.
    Oh … there is so much to learn out there … my brain isn’t big enough to take it all in Lol ..
    Such great pertinent tips as always ! Enjoy the w/e even though the weatheris slightly 😦 …

  6. Yeah don’t you just love YouTube?! You can seriously find almost anything on there! I’ve learned quite a bit of photo editing from YouTube tutorials (it even inspired me to make my own videos) :o)

  7. Thank you for these refreshingly beautiful and bright and sunny photos, Laurie. I needed it.
    Gosh, it’s been raining here for two long days now, and the wet weather is also here to stay until next week! Eeek!

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