Knowing Yourself…




Knowing Yourself Is The Begining Of All Wisdom ~ Aristotle

This is a wonderful quote and in life I find it so true. There are times when others will say to me…”You should do this or that!” I in turn will say, “Really?”

So listen to others…they could be speaking from above.

These beautiful flowers are from my journey to Texas a few weeks back.

Right now, I think we all could use a little spring fling to our step.

Tip of the Day For Photographers and Bloggers:

Please, pretty please with icing on top…put your blog link on your Gravatar page!

A lot of bloggers just put their name or nickname on the Gravatar page with no internal links.

You can look at my page for an example of the internal link under verified services.

This is how your community will find you.

Can I tell you how many times, someone comments on this blog and I go to respond back with no return link to their blog?

They will leave the nicest comment and I can’t return the favor. Sigh…

Do you know how much this is hurting you with no love on the flip side and no return follower?☺

This would be crucial especially in the case where you are commenting on a different platform…for instance, you have a Blogger Blog and commenting on a WordPress Blog or vice versa.

I hope this encourages you to take a minute to add your blog link…just think who you could be missing…it could be your new BFF♥

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inspired-tuesday-button_zpsa22cc19fThis post was featured on Not So Ugly Ducklings Blog on Inspired Tuesdays Party.

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67 thoughts on “Knowing Yourself…

  1. Love, love, love your site..I hopped over from a link party! Can’t remember which one now..oh brother..anyway signed up for your photography and blogger tips of the day and to look at your beautiful pics!! Going to be getting a new camera soon! So excited but have no idea where to start..any suggestions? I have about $300 to spend! 🙂

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  3. Such lovely photos and some great words! Thank you for linking up with Inspired Tuesday. I just wanted to let you know that you will be featured in tomorrows Inspired Tuesday post.

  4. Amazing photography! I just had to back out and re-read your Meet Laurie page. Ha! I thought hot damn these photo’s are beautiful, is she a photographer. Silly me. So glad I’m following along. We all need a dose of great inspiration!


  5. Just added Gravitar per your request. I had no idea about this service. Love the first and second images. 🙂

  6. Your photos are stunning! And thank you for the blogging advice. Since I just bumble along on my own I always look to other more experienced women for direction!

  7. What lovely photos. You asked me a question in your comment on my blog but you are a no reply commenter. We live in North Central Florida and love it here! Do you live anywhere near? Sweet hugs!

  8. Lovely photos, Laurie!
    I agree with you on the Gravatar thingy, I’ve had similar issues. I do my best to visit everyone who comments and visits my blog and I feel disconnected when I have no way of visiting someone who left me a comment.

  9. Hi Laurie,
    Thank you so much for the gravatar-tip ~ I wasn’t aware of that I could make a profile …. I updated it right away!
    I’m so happy for your daily tips … It’s so kind of you to share the tips ~ I loved also the one about the titles of blog posts!
    Have a great week, Nina

  10. Totally agree with you this quote so true “Knowing Yourself Is The Begining Of All Wisdom” (Aristotle) – in my eyes that’s where everything starts… 🙂

    Beautiful photos, excellent captured… 🙂

  11. You are right of course about your advice. I just double checked my Gravatar and it’s as it should be. I don’t tend to follow people though because that amount of e-mail make me nervous. I guess I should see if it can just be delivered to my reader on WordPress. Your photos are lovely of course, and I love the quote.

  12. Laurie, Love the flowers! I am ready for spring but we are supposed to have freezing rain later and maybe some snow tomorrow. Tell me it ain’t so!

    Thanks for the tips on Gravatar. I know I had an image but when I checked my profile there was no link to my blog.

    Have a great day and I hope it’s warm!

  13. Yes, we do need spring on my door step. It is not here yet but I think it is getting there. These pictures are just that.

    I could not agree more about putting the link to your blog on Gravatar page. That is a very good reminder.

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