It’s A Zoo Around Here! Part 2…

antelope-caribou-houston-zo a-pair-of-giraffs-houston-z feeding-giraffs-lettuce-lea giraffe-head-portrait-anima giraffe-statue-with-baby-bo primitive-indian-heads-at-z rhinoceras-at-zoo-houston-t

If you haven’t noticed before…for the new visitors…this is our grandson who we call “Little Man” also known as the light of our life!
Seriously, when my daughter and Little Man fed the giraffe the piece of lettuce and his face just lit up and he giggled…life just doesn’t get any better than this folks!

Tip of the Day:

Have you ever had a really great post almost done, but you have not a clue what to title it? You can sit there for who knows how long before the idea comes to you! Right?

Here is a great tip!

I upload my blog titles in advance as I create and or discover them.  Let me give you an example: I am driving along on a highway and I see a billboard that says, “It’s A Zoo Around Here!” It might not even be about a zoo, it could be advertising on a cluttered office space. But my wheels start spinning…what could I use this for?

I get out my little notebook that I have on me at all times and jot this idea down. When I arrive home, I will go to the blog and upload a new post with that cute title on it. It will just sit there until I have an article or images that will fit with this theme.

Do you know what my family and friends hear a lot, if they say something funny? “Oh, I am SO using that on the blog!” “Very cute I tell them,” they just smile. I arrive home later…yes, you guessed it. I upload that funny saying on a blog post title for future use.

See how this works? No more mental stumbling blocks for blog titles.

Are you enjoying the Tips of the Day? I would love to hear what is whirling in YOUR thoughts today☺

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Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


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67 thoughts on “It’s A Zoo Around Here! Part 2…

  1. I took my granddaughter to the zoo the first time when she was 2 years old…it was the most fantastic time! She loved the Giraffe’s the most I think. I love, love, love the picture of your Little Man sitting with the giraffe…at first glance I thought it was real!

    I am Holly, a new follower stopping over from the GRAND Social from Grandmas Briefs! Hope you will get a chance to visit my blog too. You can find me at:


  2. Great tip and I love the pic! We called my son “Little Man” for years and the Houston Zoo is awesome. We were members for a year when we lived there.

  3. I love your photos, especially the one of Little Man feeding the giraffe. Your tip of the day was great as well. I look forward to following you and seeing what other wisdom you share.

  4. How did you know my fav animal is the giraffe?? Here from the Grand Social and Now Babushka feels right at home! Great pics, and the tip is something I do- maybe too much. My trio have been heard to say “This does NOT go on the blog ok Ma?!?!” ; ) Of course I don’t promise them anything… BB2U

  5. I love the photos, especially the giraffe. It’s so difficult to get good shots of zoo animals, at least for me! Thanks, too, for the tip on titles. That’s always my last thing, and I often just write something a second before publishing. So I’m going to try out your idea!

  6. Your pictures are wonderful and you’re right — the joy on a grandchild’s face — it just doesn’t get any better!

    Great tip (and great reminder) about the blog title and one I will use, I also do something similar with blog ideas. I will create draft posts that may just have a few words or a picture but something I want to remember to blog about but don’t have the time to do right then. Then when I need inspiration I have some! Just stopping by from the GRAND Social Linky Party. Hope you get a chance to do the same!

  7. Oh what a gorgeous post. Looking at the two first pictures, I thought you actually went to Africa 🙂 Your Grandson is absolutely adorable!!!

  8. He is a beautiful child, his smile infectious. Certainly the giraffe thought so, although the lettuce was likely as attractive to this long necked animal! That giraffe with its ‘legs’ surrounding the boy looks so real – just like the smile. Great post!

  9. Love these with the giraffe! We had an opportunity to feed them while living in Thailand and it was so fun. Their heads were enormous! Little Man clearly is having a good time. Love your tips! I dove into SEO finally this week after all this time of knowing I needed to.

  10. That stage of a baby is the cutest, with those two front teeth! On the other hand, i sometimes record some good phrases too, sometimes they really come handy!

  11. Beautiful photos – the giraffe is my favorite animal, tied with the zebra that is…. 😉 You did a fantastic job showing off the the beauty of the giraffe.

  12. Love “little man” with the giraffe. Your tip of the day is an excellent idea. I will definitely try it. I did try twists on song titles and lyrics in the last two posts.


  13. Super post with little man as the star . Who would have thought a little lettuce leaf would have such potential for producing beaming face like that, well yes, along with the giraffe too 😉
    Laurie yes, its good jotting thoughts and ideas and words as soon as possible I find … otherwise the whirlygig brains spins them up and away forever lol

  14. Your photo’s are always so wonderful. I can’t believe they let you take them with the giraffe, that’s so special. That’s a fun tip. I do start a lot of posts when ever the notion strikes. My draft file is always filling up. Good tip on the titles. My trademark is kind of to have my last sentence in the post be my title, so that’s my challenge. Just something I committed too.

  15. Adorable. What a great shot of Nolan feeding the giraffe!!!!!
    I love the one of him sitting with the giraffe. Precious.

  16. GREAT PHOTOGRAPHS! Your little man is so adorable! Thanks for the tip today, as this is a good one. I do this too, but I don’t save the titles like you do (but that is a fantastic idea), but I have seen headlines in the newspaper and I’ve cut them out to use as a good title one day. Also, try to do a spin on your words too, and that makes a great headline. Keep your tips coming, they are awesome!

  17. Love the giraffe pictures. We went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs a few years ago and they have a great giraffe area, with crackers to purchase to feed them. Great memories. Wonderful tip of the day. I usually don’t struggle with Titles, but I do keep a note book handy for things that come to me about a post I am going to write. Or I dictate to my iPhone if I am out walking.

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