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Well another GREAT class of education has finalized today! Boo Hoo!! I am very sad to say the least. I am talking of Decor 8 by Holly Becker. Have you heard of her? If not, check her out here. Holly will help you to tap into your passions, carve out a unique, personal voice for your site, and inspire you to get out and make it happen! It is all about finding YOUR style in the blogsphere world and nurturing YOUR passion, in whatever area that might be! She and her wonderful teachers help you connect to your Artsy-Fartsy side…come on…we all have it lurking somewhere inside of us.♥

Don’t you just hate it when good things must come to an end?

I do feel blessed just to have been a part of it this time around.

Well, it is finally here….FRIDAY!!!

Happy Weekend to You!


4 thoughts on “YOUR Style of Blogging…

  1. Yes, I’m sad that it’s all finishing up too:( It’s been fantastic. I have to say I’ve blogged the least that I think I’ve ever blogged over the past month but I’m sure it’s because I’m just soaking up all of the new stuff, ready to use really soon;) It’s been such a bonus to have met you, Laurie, through the course. Would be lovely to stay in touch:) xx

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