How To Make Your Images Brighter and Beautiful?…TWO-sday Random Day #2

Well, here we are again on our second TWO-sday series. Today, we are taking about TWO different images…the before and after.

This image is what we call…SOOC…straight out of the camera. This means it hasn’t been touched by any photography software. As you can see, there are many things wrong with this image. First of all, lighting is bad, photo needs cropped, dark edges, composition needs changed and most of all…where is the contrast?

Aaahh…so much better! Here is how I did my editing through Photoshop. First, I duplicated the layer, and changed it to Screen mode, with an opacity of 60%. I flattened the two layers. Second, I duplicated the layer again, and changed it to a Soft layer mode with an opacity of 76%. I flattened the two layers again. Third, I did a levels edit on the image, sliding the arrows to 27-95-242. This is where you control the light of the image. Lastly, I used the crop tool to size and put the the image in a better composition. You can see the dark border off to the right is gone. Now you can see the real beauty of the gems of the sea.

I applied all the same techniques as above and added a texture from Kim Klassen’s collection called “Red” and a beautiful quote. It gives it depth and that dreamy look we see in artwork that we all love! I think this would be beautiful hanging in a guest bathroom, what do you think? Hmmm….maybe a gift for some one?

I have to tell you these shells are from my collection…due in part to a great hubster I have! When he goes on his fishing expeditions, he is ever so kind and brings me home one of these lovelies!!!! Aren’t they great?!

So Photoshop users…did the tutorial HELP bring to light another way to edit your photos?

What sea shell is your favorite? I couldn’t tell you mine…I LOVE them all♥

Do you know what is so great about Photoshop? It lets you PLAY like a kid again!

I hope blessings come to you in two’s today♥


This post was featured at “PhotoMoms Pixosphere” Blog.

19 thoughts on “How To Make Your Images Brighter and Beautiful?…TWO-sday Random Day #2

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  2. Wow! You are good! Thanks for the tutorial. I don’t have the patience for photoshop…I used a quick program that I downloaded called Photoscape. It will do that adjusting automatically.

  3. These are so beautiful…..thanks for sharing your process. I’m shell maniac. I brought home so many beautiful shells I picked up on the Florida beach on Captiva Island. You have added to their natural beauty.

  4. looks great. I love how you brightened and overexposed the background so it is truly all white…makes the focus on just the shells! thank you for linking up!

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