Something Smells Fishy…

Well ladies…every once in awhile, I MUST show off my husbands catch of the day:) He was like a proud papa bear bringing home the grub, when he walked in the door with this 21″ Redfish!

Here is a summary of their appearance, Redfish have a blunt nose, a chin without barbels and a wide undercut mouth. They are a reddish copper and bronze color on their body in dark water, with lighter shades in clear waters.Β  The underside and belly is pure white.Β  They have from one to as many fifty spots at base of their tail and very rarely no spots at all.

He had been in a draught with the sport of fishing, so it was nice to see him SO happy with his trophy. He wrapped the Redfish in tin foil, added his seafood spices and grilled it on low for 20 minutes and I must say…It was delicious! Oh, did I mention he was a sweetheart and served grilled potatoes with it, for his carboaholic wife?

Happy Thursday Everyone.
It’s almost the weekend!

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14 thoughts on “Something Smells Fishy…

  1. Any fisherman would be proud of that catch! (You asked on my blog about my macro lens for the honeybee: I used an Opteka 10x macro screw-on lens on my basic Canon lens…fixed on manual focus. It’s really tricky to get anything into focus, but I’m sure some practice will help. It’s an inexpensive way to do macro. I ordered it on

  2. Matt loves fishing as much as my Dave does, so I can really relate to him coming in the house holding a fish. It’s a beauty, by the way. Dave just came back from Canada and he was filled with pride from catching many unbelieveable lunkers…and had the photos to prove it.

    On a creative note…I love your graphics on everything you post. Where do you find this artwork, the lettering, etc? Do you have software that you draw from, or is it all available on the web?

  3. Wow! Very cool fish! Love the spot on it’s tail. I wonder what determines how many spots it gets?

    You should show off your “catch” more often – your husband is a cutie. Y’all make a gorgeous couple πŸ™‚

  4. i love how you designed the photos here. i know many folks who are too proud of “their catch” … i can understand that totally. i’ve been fishing in the past … it is hard work. even the fish i caught although small was awesome to me. ha. ha!! (:

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