Lightning Strikes…Fort Myers, Florida Photographer

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I can hear you sigh as your scroll through the images:)
Why is she just now posting July 4th photos?
Well, I am SO glad you asked!

Last Tuesday, I walked into our home after work and knew something was terribly wrong! Our home had been hit by lightning, sometime during the day! We live in an area known as “The Lightning Capitol of the World.” Definately, NOT my favorite part of living in the deep South.

Everywhere I turned something was amiss.

  • Kitchen lights burned out
  • Clocks flashing in every room
  • Furry baby going crazy
  • Thermostat in living room zapped
  • Phone line down
  • Internet line down
  • Computer router fried
  • Antenna in attic out
  • Flat screen T.V. going in and out
  • Bathroom GFI outlet blown
  • Surge protector dead
  • Kitchen portable phone gone

So as you can see, we have been VERY busy playing Tim the Tool Man, the last few days or so. July 4th represents celebrating our freedom here in the U.S.A. But along with those freedoms, comes responsibility. We have the freedom to own our homes here in America and also the work of maintaning them when a crisis occurs, like in the last few days. As I reflect back on this little tragedy…I am still grateful to have a home where lightning…can strike.

I have to tell you what a great husband I had through this situation. He knew I was pretty upset DURING this episode. He knows how much I love photographing the holidays! So in his infinite wisdom, he went out and bought me a cake and a card.
How sweet is that?

He wrote in the card…

“Here’s to staying young and spry.
Spending time together on the 4th of July.
So if your feeling tired and in the crapper.
Always remember your my Fire Cracker!”

Somehow, it’s all better now! Sigh…

Hope you can enjoy the pictures a few days late.

Did you notice, Dalton (Fur Baby) has the cake decor beside him in the photos? Smile…

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12 thoughts on “Lightning Strikes…Fort Myers, Florida Photographer

  1. That is scary but at least you were not in the house when it happened. The same thing happened to me earlier this year and luckily I was not home! My sister-in-law was not as lucky a decade ago: she was on the phone when the lightning hit her home. She was not seriously injured but she did pass out. Anyway, I am glad you are OK and I hope you fix everything soon. BTW those are beautiful shots! Thank you so much for linking up to Crisp PhotoWorks! 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, that’s scary! Thank heavens every one is okay including the pooch! What a pain though, having to fix everything! Sorry :o( I love your use of my collage though! Well done! Love your pics!

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