Life Does Not Have To Be Perfect…Fort Myers, Florida Photographer

I just finished a mini class with Jessica Sprague called “Top Photoshop 5.” We had 5 days, 5 projects and 1 awesome free class!! She went over some of the most important features using Photoshop for photographers and scrapbookers alike. In this lesson, we went over brushes and all the magical things this fabulous tool can do. The quote you see above is done with a brush set from Kim Klaussen’s Collection.

When life gives you a lemon, my family…turns it into lemonade for sure! How can life not be wonderful if you have your family. That is picture perfect for me!
How about you?

How could I leave without showing you his grandparents…and how much they think HE is amazing!!! Oh Lord help me…I said I would never become one of those grandparents who can’t quit talking about their grandchildren. AND NOW I AM ONE OF THEM!!!! Please forgive me…I just don’t see me cured…till he hits the teen years:)
Will you stay with me that long?

It is Thankful Thursday, not quiet Friday
BUT very close.

PS…Are you spreading the love about Pride in Photos?

Thank you for visiting, love to hear your sweet comments.

6 thoughts on “Life Does Not Have To Be Perfect…Fort Myers, Florida Photographer

  1. What amazes me is how you have ALL this material tucked away and can pull it out to fit the perfect post! Always a joy to see your beautiful pictures!

  2. Oh, Laurie,
    The pictures you did are just beautiful. The graphics are great. What a lovely family.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Love, Annie

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