Brothers of the Sun Tour Photos Part 2…Tampa, Florida Photographer

Hats off to Kenny Chessssssney!!!!The opening curtain for Kenny’s arrival.Welcome everyone!! I am so glad to be in Tampa, Florida!!!!!
Chesney gave his fans an additional treat by bringing Grace Potter up on stage  for a special performance of their duet, “You and Tequila.” It was the Highlight of the concert for me! I wish you could of seen the way he looked at her after they sang…”One more is never enough!” He glanced over at her, shook his head and turned a shade of red! It was a very cute defining moment.

“You and Tequila” ‘Cause you and Tequila make me crazy… Run like poison in my blood… One more night could kill me, baby… One is one too many, one more is never enough!

The two met in the studio for the first time. “The chemistry was great”, Kenny says. “Our voices clicked.” You and Tequila happened. Kenny concludes, “if two people from two different backgrounds (Chesney from East Tennessee and Grace from Vermont) who never met can find common ground and make magic happen, that just proves music is the most universal and powerful thing we have in our lives.” You have to LOVE this guy…who creates music…with his whole being!

Did you enjoy the concert with me? What photo was your favorite?
Ps…My throat is till sore from all the screaming:)
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11 thoughts on “Brothers of the Sun Tour Photos Part 2…Tampa, Florida Photographer

    • Everybody seems to tell me they have seen him before…I can’t believe it took me SO long before I went to a concert! He gave his all! Thank you for visting…Hope you come back soon.

  1. What an awesome entertainer…..depicted by an awesome photographer! Thanks, Laurie, for the ability to re-live the entire experience all over again through your blog….you’re the best!

  2. Laurie,
    What a job you did!!! The pictures of Kenny are super!!!!
    PS Happy summer. I’ll keep in touch.

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