Photo Triptyck Montages…Fort Myers, Florida Photographer

A triptych is a panel of three images displayed together. The triptych started as an art form in early Christianity. Triptych altarpieces have stood in Catholic cathedrals since the Middle Ages. To create a triptyck in photography, all we have to do is put three photos together side-by-side and you’ve got yourself a triptych.

When selecting images for a triptych, you want three images that relate to each other in some way such as location, people, genre and so on. If you have elements that have a strong sense of direction, place the person so they face inwards rather than outwards from the design. If they point outwards the viewer’s eye will follow them straight off the page. If you direct them into the triptych your viewer’s eye will stay there longer.

In the above triptyck, Nolan is facing toward the center on the left and right photos. The center photo he faces forward, not left or right.

I absolutely LOVE photo montages of any style!! They make great pieces of artwork in your home. They are absolutely fun to create, design and most of all great reminders of the memories you had together.

Designing a montage for your family’s home would be a great honor for me.
Please email me at your earliest convenience.

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29 thoughts on “Photo Triptyck Montages…Fort Myers, Florida Photographer

  1. So neat! Your photo is being featured at this month’s “Life is About…” blog hop over at “Life as this Mommy knows It”! Thanks for participating, and I welcome you to join in again this month!


  2. WOW! Just beautiful, & what wonderful keepsakes to cherish. LOVE all the information you gave, I am putting this on my “want to do list!”

    Laurie, thank you so much for linking up w/ us for FAF, it’s a joy to have you!

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